MINI REVIEWS. Nice Guy, Flower Boy Next Door, Office Girls

Nice Guy:

Oh my gosh. This has to be my favorite pairing in a long time. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won both are one of my favorite actress/actors. Song Joong Ki is honestly an amazing actor he can pull off any image, sexy or cute. I fell in love with Moon Chae Won in “Brilliant Inheritance”, when she played the “evil” stepsister of Han Hyo Joo. Both actors acting is supreme, Park Si Yeon’s acting isn’t all that amazing but it wasn’t horrendous. She plays the villain part really well. If acting is a very major part in your dictionary of what makes a drama really good, I say this wouldn’t be too low on your list of good dramas.
The plot is very refreshing. I don’t believe I have seen a drama with such plot line that even comes close to it. In the beginning I thought this drama was either going to be a disaster or pure genius, honestly I wouldn’t go so far as call it genius, but it definitely surpass disaster. I would say this is one of my favorite 2012 dramas. When I first read the synopsis for “Nice Guy” I was confused, I had no idea how this drama was going to play out or the direction it was going to go; however, watching the actual drama the plot is very clear to an extent. At times I had no idea what was going on or why it was happening, but for most of it the motives and events are clearly explained.
Overall this drama is a definite YES in my dictionary of good dramas. If you’re a fan of romance, WATCH. If you just want some eye candy (Song Joong Ki) WATCHHH. If you’re not a big fan of a lot drama in a drama (confusing….) and you rather watch something light, ummm…this drama might not be such a good choice for you. All in all I liked it, but you might not.

Flower Boy Next Door:

Other than the fact that Yoon Si Yoon is like on the list of my ideal guys, he’s also a terrific actor. Park Shi Hye isn’t bad either. I actually really like Park Shi Hye, although she broke my ShinWoo’s heart, she’s really pretty with or without makeup and her acting is pretty good too. Although Park Shi Hye’s character in this drama does not do her acting skills any justice, if you compare her acting in “Flower Boy Next Door” and “You’re Beautiful” both dramas had me convince the characters she plays are not just written in characters but are actual people. Yoon Si Yoon’s character, Enrique Geum, is a very cute man. Which Yoon Si Yoon played very well. Although I’m not a big fan of the characters in this drama, there isn’t really more sides to them, they’re very plain characters. The acting portion is good, but you can’t really base it on anything because the characters aren’t written very well. Not anything special, but played the way they are written.
The plot is nothing special, but at the same time unique. The storyline is predictable, but something no one really explored too much into. There really isn’t much to say about this drama. It’s a good drama to watch if you’re into light and comedy dramas. While if you’re looking for like full on romance, melodrama this ain’t for you.

Office Girls:

This is one of those dramas where it shouldn’t have been extended, but it was. I have mixed emotions for this drama, one minute I love it the next I can’t stand it. In the beginning it was fun, and light but later it was boring and cute. But the cuteness didn’t outweigh the boringness (oh no it didn’t.) If it ended with the original 20 episodes and not extended I believe it would have been a whole lot better.
The OST wasn’t bad though, especially 微加幸福 by Yisa Yu. It’s a really good song, in my opinion. The plot line was predictable, but it is a lot cuter and funnier than I anticipated which is definitely a great. Roy Qiu is HOT, which is a definite bonus. EYE CANDYYYY~! I think they picked a very suitable actor to play the RICH spoiled brat, Qin Zi Qi. Roy Qiu is very suitable to play these characters because he gives that vibe, but I really want him to be cast in a different role next time. The character is just way too predictable. I wish there was a least a little twist or something to throw me off. Honestly I wouldn’t watch this again, I don’t recommend it if you get bored easily or anyone for that sake. If you love Roy A LOT, you might not find it that bad, cause when it gets boring just stare at his face. He’s good looking, what can I say?


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