I Hear Your Voice Review

I hear your voice Best drama all year. I think I might actually like this more than Nice Guy. Nice Guy first aired in 2012 but it ended broadcast in 2013, so it’s kind of a 2012-2013. Anyway, I might like it more. It’s amazing. Every episode had me on my toes. The whole series is 18 episodes long, which I’ll talk more in depth about later. Oh btw I just found out today that Lee Jong Suk smokes, like WHAT? OMG -cries- Well I shouldn’t judge since a lot of people smoke, it’s just that I don’t hear much that Korean actors/actresses or idol smokes (doesn’t mean they don’t, just that they don’t flaunt it off which Lee Jong Suk doesn’t either).


The casting is great, you can never go wrong with pairing Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Sang Hyun together. In Secret Garden they are my favorite “couple”/pairing. From love interests (well just Lee Jong Suk at least) to love rivals, pretty drastic eh? I really wanted to see how that would play out. It worked. The tension I thought would be between love rivals weren’t really as intense as I thought since Yoon Sang Hyun played a really nice guy who didn’t really fight for her as much since he only wanted her happy. I never watched Lee Bo Young act, I only knew that she is dating Ji Sung (who I adore from Protect The Boss) so I was pleasantly surprised by her acting. Her acting is really convincing, I watched clips from other dramas she is in and she definitely convinced me that she plays her characters well. Lee Jong Suk has been in quite a few dramas now, but he relatively plays the same kind of roles so there isn’t much to say about his acting. He plays the high school, hot-head, good looking, smart kind of guy really well. I hope to see him in other kind of roles. I’ve seen Jung Woong-in in dramas before (Ojakgyo Family, which he did an excellent job in by the way), which makes the transformation from his loving character in Ojakgyo Family to heartless murderer even more amazing. He’s a great actor, if he is slightly better looking and younger he would definitely be part of the main cast in dramas without a doubt. Another point is that this is the first time in a while that I really enjoy the second female lead. Lee Da-hee played Seo Do-yeon, who is a prosecutor who has known Jang Hye-sung since young. She is a really strong, intelligent, and beautiful women and seeing her break down because of her father is heart wrenching. She did an excellent job playing that role, I’m excited in seeing her more in future dramas 🙂


Great storyline. Definitely not the most original plot but it is written really well. In so many ways this drama could have failed, but didn’t. It’s really interesting with the plot twists, and some of the cases the public defendant had to take on are really intriguing to see how they defend them. I like how the story doesn’t focus on just Min Joon Guk’s revenge plan but also has the little side stories like with Hye-Sung’s cases, and the love story between Hye-Sung and Lawyer Cha (which I thought could have played out a little long, come on he is sweet guy that genuinely cares about her!) I remember reading spoilers that in the last episode Soo-Ha dies in order to save Hye-Sung, and she goes and runs the chicken store meeting Lawyer Cha again. That devastated me, I am a Soo-Ha shipper so hearing he dies just drove me over the edge. For a while I contemplated if I should watch it or not, in the end I decided to believe in the writers so I watched it. Look where we are now ^^ I’m not going to say anything about the ending, but that it satisfied me. The drama is originally 16 episodes long, it has been extended by 2 episodes making it a total of 18 episodes long. At first I was not happy, I was like “it’s going to drag on by the extension, which is going to suck” but surprisingly the extension gave them time to not rush it but develop the plot more. The last episodes are really satisfying which I don’t think would have happened without the 2 episode extension, they would most likely have rush the whole ending without them.

OST: The OST isn’t anything really to flaunt over, but it’s isn’t bad.

OVERALL: Ultimately I really enjoyed this drama, I didn’t have anything complain about which is nice because I really hate complaining about dramas. They played the whole mind reading thing really well so nothing there to complain about. Well I would like to hear more about Soo-Ha and his uncle’s relationship like what happened after his uncle found out about his ability? Did he just leave? And who took care of him after he left? By himself? Or did the uncle wait for Soo-Ha to be old enough to live on his own? What about his own kids? I’m pretty sure when the series started Soo-Ha is 18 so he is just legal so did his uncle just leave or what? Questions, questions. It isn’t a big part of the plot so I’m not too worried about that part. Other than some questions left unanswered this drama is definitely a success. I would give this drama a 10/10? Um maybe actually, 9.75/10.


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