About Us

About AsianHeartsDramas:

I’m just ur typical asian, i love watch dramas and listening to music (mostly k-pop). I do reviews on dramas like if u dont know if u want to watch this drama ill just give u brief details on it not spoiling too much of it but enuff to make u want to or not watch it, or if u watch the first episode of a drama and you dont know if u want to watch it anymore u can read on this blog if it gets better or not (kind of like recommendations). Idk about u but i find these really helpful because reading recaps of an episode to see if u want to watch it or not can be very boring and unentertaining but also at the same time these can be very unhelpful bc different people have different tastes but hopefully this will help. I also decided to do thoughts of mine (they are basically what i thought about the episode), because i love ranting  after i watch/during an episode. I also post up previews for the upcoming episode of the dramas i write on, and ocasionally i will post up music videos of songs i recommend or i just been loving, which mostly are korean ><  

About Despoina116:
Hi there! I’m the newest addition to this blog. I’m going to be reviewing Asian dramas like Black and White, City Hunter, and the new drama, Protect the Boss. I’m also a little new to Asian dramas, so be patient with me if I get something wrong or something. Mostly I’ll basically just try to do Thoughts of Mine on episodes and Recommendations for any other newbies to the drama world wondering which dramas to watch. So I’ll be testing out other dramas that sound good to me, like Personal Taste, and if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them and get some advice.

So basically I’ll be doing pretty much exactly what the other author does, only different shows and writing styles and yeah. Peace out!


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