Songs accumulated from MANY WEEKS CONT. Week #13

This is the cont. to the last song of the week.


I cannot tell you how much I love them. More precisely L/Myungsoo. I obviously don’t just like Infinite because of L, but because they are honestly a really hard working group that sings and dances well. Remember when I said that Infinite feels like a rookie group while B.A.P doesn’t, although Infinite debut way before B.A.P? Well, it’s not entirely true. Infinite doesn’t give off the rookie group feel to me any more, but I think it was because B.A.P’s charisma and confidence on stage is so strong they seem to skip the rookie part. Infinite and B.A.P are both very charismatic on stage, but I got to say on stage I enjoy watching B.A.P more just because their confidence and strong powerful dancing just blows me away. But Infinite’s dancing is very synchronized meaning they practice very hard, which also impresses me. Their recent comeback “Man In Love” is not bad, but I like “The Chaser” and their other songs except for “She’s Back” much more. “Man In Love’ just didn’t really do it for me, it is a great song, just not as catchy and I don’t really like the choreography as much as I liked their past choreography.


If you know me, I don’t like Jay Park. I don’t like his image, and I certainly don’t like his past songs. I might will get a lot of hate for not liking Jay Park but even when he was in 2PM I didn’t like him. I know a lot of people like him, but I don’t see what’s so great about him. Yes, he dances well and he has an attractive body, but so does many other KPOP artist. So imagine to my surprise Jay Park released this song. WHOA. THIS VIDEO HAS TOO MUCH CUTENESS and URGH EVERYTHING I LIKE. I really like this song, but then he had to go and release “Welcome”. Ok, all my friendly feelings towards him goes WHOOSH down the drain. OMG PUT ON A SHIRT FOR GOD SAKE. I know fangirls are going to HATE me. BUT I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU WITH YOUR SHIRT OFF FOR THE ENTIRE VIDEO. Like he has his shirt on for like 10 seconds, not even in the WHOLE entire video. AND THE LYRICS. OMG. This type of song, should be labelled porn in song form. OMG who releases these type of songs?! well Jay Park does. WELL OTHER THAN “WELCOME”, “JOAH” is a really good song.


This song is so much BLOCK B feel, well that makes sense cause Zico help wrote it. I didn’t like the song right away, but then the chorus kicked in and I was sold. This is one of those songs you want to dance to. It’s a fun, and cool song. I LOVE IT.

You got a hole in your face:

PHANTOM!!! I love Phantom, like omg I LOVE THEM. This song is amazing, I love it. Another song that is really good is, “Come As You Are”. I honestly think they are so talented, and so underrated. Their voice is like a little piece of heaven. JUST GREAT. Oh and Sanchez with G.NA released a song, “A Beautiful Day”, it’s a beautiful song. With a mixture of her voice and his beautiful voice creates such beautifulness it almost hurts.



There is no way I was going to NOT talk about this. IT’S AN AMAZING SONGGG and video. THE DANCE IS PURE GENIUS. Their first stage on Music Bank for this was by far my favorite out of any of their stage performance. They look SEXY and FIERCE and just so feel disrupting. My feels were everywhere. THEY LOOK SO GOOD. URGH. On the album though, my favorite song isn’t this one it would be “ZERO”. But I don’t listen to “ZERO” much, although I like it better. I also like “COMA”, great song. Let’s not talk about the MV, let;s just say that you can’t trust YoungJae like you can’t trust SM Entertainment.

SHINee minus Jonghyun:

Can you even say SHINee is SHINee without Jonghyun?! NO. I’m boycotting the MV for “Why So Serious”, the actual song is fine but not video. The song itself you can hear Jonghyun’s voice very clearly and well, which on stage and the music video you don’t. Watching the live performances, they gave all the FREAKING HIGH NOTES AND “SCREAMING” LONG NOTES TO TAEMIN. TAEMIN. TAEMIN. I am not happy right now. They are giving way too much parts to Taemin, wile Onew and Jonghyun aren’t getting as much as I was hoping. I have nothing against Taemin, but it’s just that Taemin’s voice isn’t as comparable as Onew or Jonghyun’s. I loveeee Onew’s voice in “Why So Serious” like it’s perfection, maybe even a little better than Jonghyun’s. But Jonghyun’s octave is much better than Onew’s. BUT TAEMIN, NO. JUST NO. He’s high notes are high, but they aren’t as powerful and mind blowing as Jonghyun’s (you na what I mean? ONE SHOT REFERENCE). AND WHY CAN’T THEY WAIT FOR JONGHYUN TO RECOVER BEFORE RELEASING “WHY SO SERIOUS” I DON’T MIND WAITING, EITHER DOES A LOT OF SHAWOLS. Anyway, “Nightmare” is probably one of my favorite songs from this album. Actually all the songs on this album is really good surprisingly. I honestly don’t like where SHINee is heading with “Dream Girl”, “Sherlock” and “Why So Serious” it’s a really drastic change from what I fell in love with them from which is “Hello”, “Replay” and “Lucifer” but this album I didn’t mind. I hope they look back to their roots for their next album and really go back to that time. I miss seeing them in leather, and their sexy image or cute image. *sigh* I miss the old SHINee. But I still love SHINee.


Song accumulated from A LOT of weeks. Week #12

Instead of just posting a GIGANTIC list of music videos or just songs I’ll be posting the group or singer, or/and a video of the one I’m most obsessed with 🙂 There will most likely be a CONT. to this post but labelled Week #13.


OMG, you would not believe how obsessed/in love I am with this band. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and definitely underrated. I fell in love with HANBYUL. His sense of humor, his singing and his Australian accent together makes him just so irresistible! LED Apple as a band is also really talented, and their music style has something to it that other bands don’t. LED Apple is currently doing a series on YouTube called MUSIC NOTE, the profits made from the videos all go to charity for children without clean drinking water. Music Note is a weekly video of songs which LED Apple covers (eg. Go Away by 2NE1, Sherlock by SHINee and We Will Rock YOu by Queen). Watching their series, Music Note, is not only entertaining but also for a good cause! The song above is Hanbyul’s most recent duet with ZIA. This girl can sing, but her voice overpowers Hanbyul’s voice way too much. You can hardly hear Hanbyul when they sing TOGETHER. Other than that, it’s a really cute song ^^ Their recent cover of 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name?” is fantastic, in my opinion it’s better than the original 🙂 CHECK IT OUT.


I was very surprised that I really enjoyed this song. Maybe cause of the reference to Tarzan, which brings me back to the time when I was a kid and watching Disney’s version of Tarzan (Movie), I don’t know why but it really warms my heart (this song). I never really liked Wonder Boyz, honestly I don’t really like them now either it’s just that this song is pretty catchy and I like it, simple as that. The video’s cute with really nice graphics and effects, but kind of creepy with him stalking her. But all in all it’s a good song, and cute video.

Lee Hyori is Miss Korea:

I don’t know what else is there to say other than Lee Hyori. Who doesn’t love her? She’s amazing. She’s gorgeous, great dancer, great singer, great person in general. She’s like the full package. You can never go wrong with her. This song is addictive and I love the lyrics. The meaning behind this song is much deeper than what one may expect. I love how she’s not singing about the typical things like love and heartbreak, not saying that I hate songs about love and heartbreak because I do love those types of songs but it’s just way over done that it’s refreshing to listen to songs like this. I really love this song. I’m so psyched for bad girl, the teaser looks amazing and she looks even better (no surprise there). OMG HOW CAN SHE BE SO PERFECT?!


How can you not be excited? 2PM is back! They haven’t really any Korean promotions since June 2011. THAT’S A LONG TIME, way longer than EXO (which is why I don’t really like exotics so whiny.) “COMEBACK WHEN YOU HEAR THIS SONG”, is sadly not their comeback song (weird, right?) “All Day I Think Of You” is actually their comeback song, which I don’t like frankly. Junho’s voice is heavenly in this song, but Taecyeon just doesn’t seem to belong in this song for some reason. His rap just doesn’t go with the song, like it’s just there (kind of like B1A4’s “What’s Happening”, gosh I don’t like that song.). The video itself is shot really artistically, especially with the seven deadly sins but the ending when all the guys are walking towards one girl it’s just a little weird. Other than that, I really liked the video. I haven’t listen to the rest of the album so for right now this is my favorite song from the album so far.


I didn’t know this before, but apparently Kevin isn’t actually in UBEAT. So the Tumblr jokes about how it’s actually Kevin feat. UBEAT isn’t actually false, which takes out all the fun sadly. According to the interview uBeat (AJ and ELI) and Kevin did with Simon And Martina (LOVE THEM) UKISS might have another subunit for the members that sing, like Kevin and Soohyun, and they joked about how if Kevin doesn’t get put into any subunit groups he could be uKEVIN, meaning SOLO DEBUT (like CL!!!!). Now let’s talk about the song; I LOVE IT, but it seems like there is an awful lot of Kevin in it, which doesn’t make much sense cause it is a uBEAT album and not uKEVIN album. But putting that aside, I love this album and not just this song, I think the whole album is perfection honestly. “Missing You” is mostly likely my favorite from the album but I find myself listening to “Should Have Treated You Better” more though.

The Real Reason We Broke Up:

Honestly I don’t really like Younha that much, she’s a great singer but her songs never really got to me. This song though, is beautiful. I love her voice in this, it flows together so well. The lyrics seems to be really easy for people to relate to (not that I can, but a lot of people could) which is key to a good song. It’s a beautiful ballad, if you like these types of songs or just wanting to listen to a beautiful sad ballad song.

Song Of The Week: Week #11 After School’s Comebackkk

Bo-bo-bo boy I miss you, baby uh-uh-uh! This weeks “Song Of The Week” it’s After School’s comeback “Flashback”. At first I didn’t like this song, but it got really catchy I caught myself singing it all the time. It has a really cool dance, the “gun” part reminds me of “Midnight Sun” by F.Cuz’s dance. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this dance. It fits After School’s sexy image for this song. Btw UEE looks so pretty 🙂 Actually all of them look very sexyyyy. 😀 So here’s the video and the dance practice!!! Just Saying but I really like UEE’s shirt 🙂


Dance Practice:

Song of the Week. Kinda. Not really. Week #10 PART FOUR

I had to make part four cuz it cut my post if I wrote any more 😦 I promise this is the last section though! PINKY PROMISE!

I think I’m going to get killed by the Exotics out there. I’m really scared, but I’m going to admit that I’m not a fan of EXO. I think it’s because they released like 20+ different teasers, I totally lost interest them by the time they actually debuted released their first prologue. I don’t really get the point of three prologues before the actually debut…I find it weird and unnecessary but you guys may find it toally normal. It really depends on you. Honestly at first I did not like them AT ALL. I still don’t like them, but I don’t hate them either. I find History and MAMA don’t bad. BTW I hate the fact that EXO-K and EXO-M don’t really have a chance to perform on stage together, which I find defeats the idea of a group. They are promoting the same time, in different countries as “subunits”? That’s what it seems to be like more me. Maybe you guys are fine with it, I find that it defeats the purpose of a group, idk. I would just like them to perform together more often. You know. I personally prefer EXO-K better than EXO-M, I find EXO-K has more of a edge to their voices, and if you know me I like edgy >< But in MAMA the rapping part I preferred EXO-M's. Actually both of them scared me a little, but again cuz EXO-M's vocals are smoother and flows like a stream I find it more smoothing and less….scary? Idk how to explain it. I really do like the dancing for their songs, which makes sense cuz SM spends A LOT of time promoting them that I pretty sure they want the best for this group. Which reminds me, EXO is promoting so much and like so big that I find it kinda unfair to all the other groups out there. When SHINee and Girl's Generation/SNSD and F(x) and all the other artist they were never promoted this much. Like EXO was LIKE SOOOO heavily promote it's crazy. I don't remember EVER having another in the past being THAT heavily promoted. It's not bad. EXO is very lucky to be so heavily promoted but that also means higher the expectations are for them. That can be stressful. I hope that they do well in the future, and have EXO as ONE preform together more often.


History (EXO-M):

Song of the Week. Kinda. Not really. Week #10 PART THREE

I didn’t think we would need a part 3 but I guess due to the fact that I don’t update much, I have A LOT to share 🙂 SO BACK TO THE SONGS.

You didn’t think I would skip this one would you? My ULTIMATE girl bias Seohyun, is in this subunit so I would NEVER miss out! Did I tell you that I’m so happy that she’s in this subunit? SO HAPPY. Okay, so other then fact that they have Seohyun, the song was really good too. ^^ I know I REALLY BIAS but it’s trueeee (in my opinion). Honestly I really do like the song and the album. I realized that some of the kpop songs are korean versions of Varsity Fanclub’s songs, like Love Like This by SS5O1 and…Baby Steps by Taetiseo. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of these songs, there actually one of my favorites from the groups. I find that having subunits gives the girls more space/time to show off their vocals. I really like the pairing they have for this subunit. They work amazing together. I got to really listen to Tiffany and Seohyun’s vocals more. In usual Girl’s Generations/SNSD songs we usually get more of Taeyeon and Jessica, which makes sense cause their the main vocals but with the subunit you get to listen to the Seohyun and Tiffany’s vocals more. I got to say that Taeyeon is really pretty and so is Tiffany, but Seohyun really grabs my attention. The dance and song itself is very fun and confident, unlike a lot of the sad ballads talking break ups and how they’ll never stop loving them or something this song is different. It’s very confident, and I like that about the song. Actually I like all the songs in the album, especially Baby Steps, Love Sick and Library.


Love sick, very pretty:

Baby Steps, So calming. I love it:

Varsity Fanclub’s version:

OMG (OH MY GOD) So funnn!:

Library, just a libraryyyyyyyy! heeheh this song makes me happy, idk why thouuu:

Goodbye, Hello:


VOLUME UP by 4 Minute.
You guys might know that I’m not a huge 4NIA but I really like this songg! Pretty much the only songs I like from 4 Minute is “What A Girl Wants”, “Hot Issue” and “Heart to Heart”. But this song and I’m OK really got me! It’s so catchy and I love the melody of I’m OK. A lot of people like Alone by Sistar better than this song, but I personally like this song better, it’s more “edgy”? Idk what’s about this song, but I really like it. Sistar’s Alone is like meh, to me. I guess it’s cuz I’m not a big Sistar big. Idk. Alone feels so…alone. Like empty. It’s missing something. It’s like a story without a climax, it just flows, it has no climax. It’s so EMPTY. Whatever this is not suppose to be about Sistar, it’s suppose to be about 4 MINUTE. Kay so as you know or you might know, I’m not a big an of HyunA especially after Bubble Pop, but I don’t mind her much anymore. And in this video she’s pretty >< well she actually looks pretty in most videos anyways…

Volume UP, I love the filming and concept of this MV! hehe:

I'm OK. I'm Ok, baby are you okay?:

Song of the Week. Kinda, not really. Week #10 PART TWO

I had to make 2 parts cuz it is kinda long and I didn’t want to cut anything off so I made it in to parts. SO CONTINUING.

Fool by Juniel ft. Yonghwa.
I have no words to describe the hotness of Yonghwa in this. OMG *died from all the hotness* The song itself is really cute and sweet. Her voice is veryy sweet. Almost like honey, that is if honey sounded like anything. Well anyways Yonghwa’s voice hamorized with hers really well. I was very excited to hear Yonghwa is writing a song for her and singing it with her. I was like OMGOMG SO EXCITED. Then I saw the teasers and I was O.o Omg this is going to be AMAZINGGGGG. And even the teasers he looked SO HOT. Then the video came out and I just walked away and started fangirling. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE HE IS THAT HOT? HOW?

Okay covered by Ailee
I really like this cover that Ailee sang. The original is sang by Tiffany Evans, and both in my opinion are exceptionally good. It’s just I like Ailee’s version a litttttle bit better, cuz I personally like Ailee’s voice better. You guys can decide which one you like better! Tell me in the comment box!
Original (Tiffany Evans) Version:

Ailee’s Version:

DoraDora and When Love Stops by U-KISS
U-KISS IS BACKK! I miss Kevin and Dongho :’) My favorite song’s from the album is When Love Stops. Again I didn’t really like DoraDora when it first came up and again the dance, kinda scared me honestly. Um it reminded me of AA’s Going Crazy but more masculine. Slowly the song grew on me, and I really liked it after a while. When Love Stops is just a slower song, and more of my style type of song I guess. It’s really cute, I like it 🙂

When Love Stops:

BONUS SONG! Forget our Memories. OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!! KEVIN < LOL So anyways back to the songgg. I feel both of these songs (Warrior and Power) are very powerful songs. It's not singing about love and heartbreak, blah blah blah and all that good stuff. Which I enjoy. I loveee the dance. It's so fun and difficult to dance to which tells you that they spend a lot of time just practising the dancing alone. I really like this new group ^^


Song of the Week, Kinda not really. Week #10 PART ONE

I have a LOT of songs that I’m currently in love with ^^ Since I haven’t been posting anything in a whileee now I decided to do this post. I’m so sorry guys, I just haven’t been watching any dramas lately except for Kings2Heart, which I still have not finished yet ><, and I have been really busy since finals are coming up soon. I hope you enjoy this post!

FIRST UP! DALMATIAN! Omg you have no idea how long I've been waiting for their comeback! I LOVE their song E.R and their whole mini album "State Of Emergency". It's SO GOOD. "Drive", "Still By Ur Side, "E.R" and "Hurt Me" are sooo good! I love their new image. "The Man I Oppose" is a really cute and peppy image and "E.R" is like sexy and dark which I am in love with. Another thing is that I think I'm falling for Simon. *ashamed* I'm sorry Daniel. I couldn't stay faithful to just youuuu. But don't worry you're still my bias in Dalmatian. Simon has a very naturally dark and sexy image in opinion. Daniel has more a cute and handsome vibe, rather than a dark and sexy one. I'm not saying that he is not pulling off the dark and sexy concept for E.R, cuz he definitely is, but naturally I don't get vibe from him. The cute and more playful concept just "fits" him better/more naturally. Also it's really sad that Day Day left the group 😦 It doesn't feel the say without him but hopefully he's doing good. What so ever his reason for leaving anyways.
Their title song, their currently promoting with. E.R:

second song off their mini album, Drive:

third song, Hurt Me, and my favorite off the album:

4th songggg! Still By Ur Side ❤ another fav! heheh Which one is ur favorite? leave in the comment box!:

SECOND UP! I can't believe I haven't made a post about SHINee's comeback. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! *ashamed* So SHINee's comeback was actually a while ago. They are done with promotions in Korea, I'm pretty sure. So as you guys may or may not know, I'm a HUGEEEEEEEE SHAWOL/SHINee WORLD and a even BIGGER BLINGER. I’m just so in love with Jonghyun, it’s actually really bad how much I love him T.T K, so on with their latest E.P “Sherlock”. No words in the English dictionary will possibly describe how I feel about it, well if OMGOMGOMGOMGSHINEEOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGAHHHHOMGOMGOMGOMG counts as English I guess that would describe a fraction of how I feel. Frankly I honestly thought I was going to LOATHE this E.P from the teaser photos. I mean seriously? have you not seen them? I don’t like their hippie concept. But when the E.P actually came out, I was like :O what? It had absolutely nothing to do with the teasers photo which I am SO glad. I’m going to be veryyy frank about this, but this is absolutely not my favorite E.P/Album from them. Idk I kinda wanted a more of a sexy concept like with leather and spikes and studs and BLACK. Like Ring Ding Dong. I liked their leather jackets and sexy image A LOT, LIKE A LOT. Hello was not bad, it’s not leather and spikes but it was flowers and cute singing so I was happy. But Sherlock was like…, idk what to think. But it’s not bad I mean I like it, it’s just not what I excepted.
Sherlock, the title song from the EP * whispers Shinee’s backkk*:

Clue, I like how they combined both Clue and Note to create Sherlock. It’s a new and fresh concept :):

Note, I prefer this song over Clue. I’m not sure why though cuz both are really good.:

Alarm clock. Jonghyun wrote it with Minho!:

The Reason, I really like this song but I don’t listen to it much. I wonder whyy:

Stranger! Probably my favorite song off the EP:

Honesty ❤ Love this song A LOT because Jonghyun wrote it for the SHAWOLS/SHINee WORLDS: