In time with you: First Impression (Episode 1 thoughts of mine)

I got to admit i’m not a big fan of Ariels acting, but she really is very talented and pretty. I decided to give this a try because you never know, maybe this time i’ll like her acting. maybe. I heard this maybe her last drama for a long time. I’m going to miss her đŸ˜Ļ JUST SAYING totally off topic but she’s probably one of the prettiest tawianese actress in the entertainment industry. :))

I love Ariels fashion sense in this drama unlike It started with a kiss, her outfits there and her hair was…not something i unenjoyed. AND HOW ON EARTH DOES SHE LOOK OLD?? I love the beginning talking about time, it’s so true. When ur young u want time to past faster, but when u get older u want time to stop and think where has time gone? It’s a very true statement. The monkeys are a bit creepy >< OMG i thought that the taxi driver was goin to kidnap her or something like that!!!

I love her personality and her character in this drama already. She stands up for what she thinks is right, and doesnt back down. Isn't a gold digger which i totally love about her. Her character is so funny too 🙂

I liked her acting so far in this drama, not bad. I really liked her acting in the flashback part where that one girl didnt vote for them bc of the love letter she received, i was really impressed by her acting 🙂 I feel like this is a drama i'll enjoy watching. It seems really good. I'll update later 🙂


Can’t Lose Episode 1 first impression/thoughts of mine

I was thinkin about doing the Protect the Boss thoughts of mine but then i kinda of got bored of it. Yes it is hilarious and i actually really like it but idk why but i just started missing all the episodes and now im not even bothering to watch it anymore, im hoping i will catch up to it but im not sure if i will be able to before it ends, but i will definitely finish it off at some point. Spy Myung Wol i will try to update that since it just ended, i REALLY want to do a review on it and also for Heartstrings. I keep promising things i can’t keep *ashamed*. I will either put up a review for Heartstring or Spy Myung Wol, Im making a promise here! A pinky promise, and everybody knows u have to keep those! Kk, so on with the thoughts of mine/first impression whatever u want to call it.

TOM (thoughts of mine)/ First Impression (WHATEVER U WANT TO CALL IT):
Haha i love the beginning where they showed how messy her car is, that’s how my car is going to turn outt 😛 Other than thatttt, in the beginning (first 3 minutes) i already knew if i was going to like this show or not, i really think this show is something i would watch, it’s funny and about law. Idk why but i was always into these shows so im really happy to watch this. Hopefully it wont turn out to be some crappy show and i’ll stop watching.

I like how the girl is the messy one and the guys with OCD because usually when the girl has OCD it’s kind of boring and annoying but when the guy has OCD i find it cute and funny.

The side story about the grandpa was so sad đŸ˜Ļ i enjoy watching those BECAUSE they keep the story interesting and not just focused on the main couple which can get boring. I love the whole mother and son thing, so cute. Trying to avoid his mommy, if i had his mom i would be like him too thou ><

Overall see myself watching this every week. It's a really funny show, i really enjoyed it 🙂 Give it a try if u like romantic comedies 🙂

Heartstrings episode 14 thoughts of mine

FINALLY I watched episode 14 of heartstrings.

thoughts of mine:
Still dont like the fact that Hee Joo was on stage while Kyu Won was singing for her. Ugh I still cant get over how HOT Shin looks in that leather jacket!! What cant he pull off? Red pants and now the leather jacket *sigh* too hot. Anyways I really love how Hee Joo told the reporters it wasnt her singing, well that’s the least you can do. I love how the director proposes to the dance teacher, that will get rid of him from kyuwon and shins storyline.

More dates for shin and kyuwon pleaseee! SO CUTEEEE!!! I love how they get an offer for an album joining both music bands and not just with one. I wish Shin would sing with Kyuwon ❤ I wish to have a boyfriend like shin, hot, sweet, and understanding what more can u ask for? Im pretty depressed that he hurt his wrist thou, what if he cant play the guitar anymore? I will cry if that really happened! THEY NEVER GET TO KISS!! They are always interupted! Makes me even more depressed *sigh*

For this recap i was seriously planning on just writing OMG SO CUTTTEEE! but that seemed too boring so thats why i have pretty much nothin written on this and some other personal reasons why i havent written much on this thoughts of mine. Confession time! I actually only watched about 10 minutes of this episode the rest i read the recaps, i couldnt watch the rest of it bc of personal reasons. I will try to finish the rest of this series soon (well theres only one more episode after this one :P) I dont know when the final thoughts of mine will be posted but i hope soon and if its a really detailed one with alot of OMG SO CUTE it means that i solved my personal problems :)) so hopefully that will come soon!! :)) UNTIL THEN BYEE!

Spy Myung Wol episode 11 thoughts of mine

I didnt really love this episode as much, but the editting and everything else was amazing! Watching it you would have thoughts about all the drama that was really happening behind the scenes. It was like Han Ye Seul never left in the first place, there was enuff scenes with her in it that u wont think it was werid. And her leaving fit the story really well so there wasnt anything wrong or weird about that. To me this episode wasnt that good thou it was kind of boring, the story went nowhere it was like it was staying in the same place besides the ending where there is finally some movement in the storyline. I cant wait for the next episode.

thoughts of mine:
I was kind of dissapointed that the beginning when she didnt even get hurt, i was expecting more >< Im not in the Ryu ship so their scenes together dont make me squeal AS much, i still feel for Ryu but i love Kang Woo more. It's not that i dont like him bc i do i love his character but not enuff for me to want him to end up with Myung wol, even thou im a sucker for second male leads i just dont love him that much. BUT I really love the scene where Kang woo was drunk and said he also wants myung wol and what he really wants, Ryu said that he cant do anything for her but kang woo can, AHH I LOVED HIM IN THAT SCENE! (but i loved the tv confession more than that scene) Another scene i loved was when Ryu stood there as a human door! So adorable!

GOSH I hate In Ah's crying scenes, they are so fake and unreal it's almost painful to watch. I actually burst out laughing when i see her cry bc her face is so funny! I hate her BUT I HATE HATE HATEEEE In Ah's Grandpa more! Whenever hes on the scene i want to punch him and smack him! I LOVEEEEEEE In Ah's assistance, shes so cute signing up for Myung Wol's fan club and a petition to bring her back to the show even thou she knows In Ah doesnt like her! hehe so inncoent! hehe

I hate dramas that the guy pretends not to care and treats her like trash for her sake. It makes me so mad it makes me wanna screammmm!!! i dont get why they just dont tell the girl! Well i guess if they did tell the girl it wont be a drama.

I love how Myung Wol was taking over In Ah! haha all the advertisments and posters 🙂 I hate how Kang Woo was so harsh to Myung Wol! I hate how his character is acting there i makes me sad :[ those words he said about how shes not the only one working long hours and is tired, i find them funny bc its like he's saying that not only on camera but to the real situation where she left. I really loveeeeeee the ending! THe confessed everything for her! arghhhh i cant wait for next weeekkk!

Love keeps going /įžŽæ¨‚åŠ æ˛š episode 11 thoughts of mine

Sorry this review is coming this late. It’s because i wasnt very excited to watch this episode, too scared he will forget everything.

thoughts of mine:
haha i love the beginning when it was so awkward between Yi Lie and Mei Le’s mom 😀 and also when Yi lie was happy that Mei Le got into a fight w/ the other dude. CUTE. That goodnight kiss was cute, smooth move Yi lie ;] It was cute when Mei le, Yi Lie and the other dude were just standing there in front of her house, AWKWARD. cute scene when Mei le was trying to get the phone from Yi lie, but also a sad scene thats the start of how to realized he’s starting to forget stuff. I hope he doesnt forget stuff anymore i hope they fix him up.

YI LIEEE TELLL MEI LE ABOUT UR DISEASE ALREADYYY!!! PLEASSEEE!!! MAN. DONT LEAVE HER! U promise her happiness but now bc u might not be able to do it ur going to dump her? Using the excuse that it’s ur way of loving her? OH PLEASE. just tell her, if u want her happy let her do wat she wants dont use that lame excuse. When she finds out she’s going to be hurt more and way more sad then she would have been if she stayed by ur side. If u do die she’s going to regret not spending more time with u, and u’ll regret it too. please tell her. end of case.

I do feel bad for Xuan Xuan, i use to hate her and now i just pity her. I dont hate or like her. The scene where his mom forgives him was very touching, very moving. I love Mike He, i hope he tells his mom all about the disease and very thing. He lost so much time with her and his family already. I offically dont hate Shao Yang anymore, after watching the episode preview i dont hate her anymore since she does tell Yi Feng that Yi Lie is sick. I cant believe Yi Lie would go to an extent to act like he cheated on Mei Le! I also cant believe the other dude asked Mei Le to marry him! I feel like next weeks episode will be full of lies and tears but i think the ending will revile the truth about everything. Hopefully it will but i dont know if it will, hopefully it does. SUNDAY COME AGAIN, I FULLY WELCOME U! Except the fact is that i have my piano test on that saturday or is it on sunday…i think its sunday so im really nervous for it! *sigh* hating sunday but also cant wait for it! AHHH!!!

Birdie Buddy first impression

I like this show. I like it but im probably wont be doing thoughts of mine for it just becuz i dont think i will be able to write much on it, but i might do one ocassionally. I like UEE’s acting in this, but the character John Lee i really dislike his dread locks. It really bugs me that he has dread locks, idk y maybe becuz he doesnt look that good in them. I can see myself watching this, and liking it but ill have to watch more to find out. I really didnt think i would like it becuz i dont like golf and it doesnt seem like a drama a typically watch but i was wrong its not that bad well right now it doesnt look bad, idk why this drama wasnt picked up by any tv stations till now by tvn. Hopefully this drama will be good, cant wait till Monday! Not only for this but also for Spy Myung Wol which will have 18 episodes unstead of 16! YAY! I cant find a website that recaps birdie buddy episodes so if anybody knows please tell me 🙂 thanks.

Heartstrings episode 12 thoughts of mine

I know im kinda of late and because im late i already know whats going to happen in both episodes so i might not write alot, especially because of episode 13’s ending im sort of happy and unhappy making me unable to blog very well. Can Jung Yong hwa get ANY hotter? Answer: No. ahh cant wait to see him in another drama and hopefully he gets the GIRL in every drama! I love Park Shin Hye and Jung Yon Hwas chemistry, i dont mind seeing them together in a drama again.

Thoughts of mine:
I actually really like Suk Hyun, not enuff for Kyu Won to be with him but enuff for me to not hate and blame him whenever something happens to Kyu won. I hate how shin said that if she goes it over between them i mean really? I dont like that but his hottness and his understanding (and of coruse sweetness) is enuff for me to forgive him *V*
Man i love him, saying how shes more important than the show and singing her that comfort song, sigh when can i find a guy like that?

Man their cute! Couple Cellphone straps! Shin kissed his while s=saying goodnight!! AHHHHH!! I smile so much in these types of episodes!! When Kyu won was crying i started feeling really sad but then Shin started singing and all of a sudden my heart began to feel really sweet and i didnt feel sad anymore and i smiled. Its actually so sweet! And when they were playing the ending song for the play and they looked at each other and smiled it felt like they were a real couple, sweet and innocent like this drama was suppose to capture. I like how they reinacted their first meeting again super cute! and it was the same suitcase!

I vouldnt stop laughing when shin snapped his fingers and Bo Eun came running! That was frickin hilarious! HHAHAHAH. Oh my gosh is that his definition for punishment? If so ill take that punishment anytime! IM INSANELY JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! and u cant blame me! he kissed her on the cheek as a PUNISHMENT! AHHH IM MORE INSANELY JEALOUS ABOUT THE BACK HUG!!! SERIOUSLYYY THIS DRAMA MAKES ME SOOO JEALOUS! I want a back hug too!!!

If i didnt know what would happen next episode i would have been glad that Hee Joo cant sing anymore but i know so im not to fond about it especially since kyu won has to sing for her but hee joo is the one on stage. Joon Hee, when he cried i felt bad again and u can feel shin was actually mad and really cared about this. Man these people can ACT! well most of them anyways. I love Ki youngs humor about how putting on make up doesnt make a difference 😀 haha i really love him!