I’m so sorry guys! I totally slacked off all of last year. I’m going to put more effort into this blog this year as my new year resolution! I took a break off kdramas last year, but lately so many good dramas are coming out! All for sure put some reviews out soon for kdramas and hkdramas! I haven’t seen many jodrama and twdramas lately, but I’ll see what dramas catch my eye! Stay tune!


Short update and Mini Reviews (You Who Came From The Stars, Pretty Man, Miss Korea, etc.)

HELLLOOOO PEOPLES OF THE INTERNET. I really neglected this blog >< Sorry! I just don’t have much time lately ūüė¶ Any who from my last post (if you still remember) I spoke about the three kdrama’s I’ve been watching “You Who Came From The Stars”, “Pretty Man” and “Miss Korea”. This post is my thoughts/updates and mini reviews on those dramas.

First Off is “Miss Korea”, ¬†I’ve officially dropped it. After about 6 episodes, I just could not continue watching it. I honestly loveeeee the filming, the set is so pretty. The style and makeup are so pretty; however, the plot failed to keep me. However, I do hope one day, I’ll be able to finish this drama.¬†

Secondly is “Pretty Man”, I loved this drama in the beginning. The plot is cute, and most definitely relatable to all my fangirls out there, am I right or am I right? Sadly, there is a however, however the ending episodes of the drama failed to capture me. It focused on my least favorite aspect of the drama, Dokgo Ma Te’s birth and all that jazz. Some may really like it, but I didn’t really. Putting the plot on the side let’s talk about their style in the drama. SERIOUSLY? Jang Geun Suk’s hair is a BIG no no for me. His various terribly styled hair just no. There are some that are least cringey, but still not perfection¬†nicely styled as I was hoping to see. Many complain about IU’s style in the drama but I do enjoy it. It’s not ugly or horrible to look at, it’s unique in a good way, her hair is cute (I like it short better than long, it makes her cuter in my opinion. Long is pretty and more mature.). Lee Jang Woo’s hair isn’t terrible to look at, but again not my fave, I like it short like in I Do I Do. Overall, there fashion sense is ight, a bit better than the styling in Full House 2 (gosh, that hair *cringes*). Overall, I would say this drama is the drama to go if you like light-hearted, not expecting much dramas. Or just a drama to watch to on rainy days when you’re bored. 6.75/10

LASTLY, but definitely not last is “You Who Came From The Stars”. Dang, all the hype about this drama! I’m pretty sure you have all heard about this drama. It has receive so much love from all around the globe. It’s pretty amazing all the hype about this drama. If you guys remember I didn’t think the drama lives up to all the hype. I’m glad to say my perspective changed, but only a bit. The beginning of this drama is slow, but good, but it’s the middle of the drama that makes you so engaged with it. It seriously got me on the edge of my seat! Sadly, the ending went a little downhill (but not that much). It kinda slowed down, and I skipped a lot of parts in a episode. I think I must have skipped 2 episodes worth of content, nevertheless, the drama is a MUST watch for any kdrama fanatics out there! ¬† The styling and fashion throughout is phenomenal. I want MANY of the outfits featured on the show! The male outfits…damn so hot. Every actor had an unique style, and all were adorable. Everyone looked pretty good throughout the drama. FILMING IS SO PRETTY as well. The stop time parts were filmed brilliantly, it’s so pretttyyyy!!! Overall, I recommend this drama to allllll kdrama fanatics out there especially if you love romance! I give it a solid 9/10.¬†


I’m on episode 11 of “Emergency Couple”. and I got to say I am really enjoying so far! Hopefully it’ll remain this funny and good till the end! And can I just say how handsome and beautiful Choi Jin Hyuk is in this???

I also do plan on starting “Cunning Single Lady” (my beautiful Myungsoo ‚̧ and Joo Sang Wook), I also might start Kim Hyung Joong’s newest drama “Inspiring Generation”, but I’m still thinking about it.¬†

Next post will have my Hong Kong drama reviews ūüėĬ†

short update :) what ive been watching and what ive finished (small, super short review/thoughts included)

Sorry it’s been a while. So this short update will consist of dramas I’ve recently started watching and dramas I’ve finished. Hopefully I get some type of review up soon.

First we’ll start with dramas I’ve recently started. Should we start with Korean dramas?

Well it’s been a while since I’ve watched three¬†dramas all airing at the same time and day. You could probably already guess, I’m watching “You Who Came From The Stars”, “Pretty Man”, and “Miss Korea”. I’ll add short thoughts so far in on the drama.

  1. “You who came from the stars” is rated highest among all three dramas in terms of ratings. To be honest with you, I don’t see the hype about this drama. If you ask me it’s pretty average and nothing original about the plot. The only thing really impressive about this drama is the casting. The actors are great (damn Kim Soo Hyun, looking mighty fine in a suit and killing me with his effortlessly good looks in casual wear), their acting is fitting and almost flawless. Ive never seen¬†any of Gianna Jun dramas or movies other than “my sassy girl”, but that was way too long ago so I dont remember much of her acting. She’s great so far, very dokogo Jin feel¬† ^^ overall, so far good, but not amazing.
  2. “Pretty man”, some of you may know I’m not a huge fan of Jang Geun Suk, and¬†for some reason lately I’ve been possess some negative feelings towards iu, although I really like her. Weird.¬†Anyway, after watching this drama so far my negative feels towards IU vanished. Her acting is pretty much flawless, it’s very relatable (oh oh oh, basically me). Jang Geun Souk nothing wrong with him¬†right now. Nothing too special about this drama, plot¬†is interesting,¬†acting is not bad. I dont¬†really see why it has such low ratings. I think it should have at least the same of “Miss Korea”
  3. “Miss Korea”, damn I was so excited for this. I was set to announce this as my favorite pit of all three dramas, but sadly it fails to live to my expectations. Is it bad? No, no it’s not bad. Is¬†ita? Definitely, not. Its pretty average. I adore the cast, you guys may not know but I adore Lee Yoon Hee. The plot sounds interesting, but so far it hasn’t been catching my eye. I have high hopes,¬†so I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll pick up¬†in later on episodes.

should we move on to HK dramas?

  1. “Coffee Cat Mama” has a decent cast. Interesting? Just scrapping by. I¬†don’t know why I continue with¬†this drama¬†honestly. Maybe because of Bosco? Maybe. Really it’s not a horrible drama; however, it’s more of a drama you watch when you have nothing better to do (me half the day, although I have a ib lab write up¬†to complete, ugh hate school work). The acting in the drama is more than decent, it’s actually really good, maybe another reason I stick with this drama. Hopefully something interesting happens soon.
  2. “return of the sliver tongue” is slowly losing its appeal to me. It use to be pretty humorous, but in recent episode it’s is not as suspenseful nor funny. Its more of rage that’s occurring. I really like the cast, no one I don’t really like so that’s a bonus. In “coffee cat mama” I honestly don’t really like Eliza or Nancy, so its really nice to watch a drama where I don’t possess negative feelings towards a character not based on their character. Most importantly though an interesting plot keeps me, lets see how things turn out.
  3. Lastly I’ve been watching this for a while, that’s because it seems to never end¬†. Gosh how much longer can they drag out “Come Home Love”? Don’t get me wrong, I love this drama. Its my favorite out of the three. Great acting, and much of the episodes are interesting and humorous; however, there are some episodes they really don’t need. I don’t understand why they have it, honestly tie up all the lose ends already how much longer do you need it? Its already past 400 episodes!!!! Although its so long, I really do enjoy the drama.

Lastly what I’ve completed recently. Lets keep this part short. I’ll combine all HK dramas, Jdorama (jdrama)¬†and Kdrama.

  • Bounty Lady (HK). Can I just say that this drama is amazing???? Humorous and tugs on my heartstrings. Everything I¬†want in a drama.
  • The Hippocratic Crush 2 (HK). Ive watched both seasons, and the first is definitely better. That doesn’t mean this is not good though ūüėČ
  • Will Power (HK).
  • Sniper Standoff (HK). Action, crime, romance, and¬†bromance. Everything I love in drama, but does it mean it’s well done?
  • Always and Ever (HK). Legendary pairing. Great acting. Nothing to complain in terms of acting and casting.
  • Awfully lawful (HK). Fun drama, humorous. Aspects I definitely did not like though.
  • A Change Of Heart (HK). Hated the ending.
  • Slow Boat Home (HK). The ending. Damn what just happened? So unfulfilling!
  • Masters sun (Kor.) Favorite Kdrama long with I Hear Your Voice of 2013? I think so.
  • Good Doctor (Kor.) I feel like I talking about this… I love medical drama. Let me tell you, this is a close runner up to masters sun.
  • Mou Ichido kimi ni, propose (Jap.) honestly, I¬†don’t know if I finished the whole thing, imam believe I did though.
  • Taisetsu Na¬†Koto¬†wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete¬†Kurita (jap.) the anger I felt during, cannot be satisfied with the ending¬†only.
  • Tatta Hitosu No Koi (Jap.) who told me this is the most romantic drama ever, and I should definitely finish it????
  • Pride (Jap.) maybe it’s my Canadian side showing, but I definitely¬† enjoyed this the most out of all the jdrama I mentioned in this post

I would have put down “who are you” (kor.) but I gave up after episode 10 (?). So I¬†didnt exactly complete it, nor am I planning on watching it. Anyways those are the only ones I remember and most recent, within maybe half a year to a year (well ever since my I Hear Your Voice review I believe)? Honestly I don’t remember how many and which jdrama dramas I’ve watched. If I have anything I really want to write about ill definitely make a post on it! Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, see you next time!



MY BOYS ARE BACKKK!!! ASDFGHJKL; too many feels. SO GOOD. This MV is perfection, the song is perfection, everything is perfection. I haven’t listen to the whole mini album yet, but so far I have really high hopes for the album. Watching the MV distracts you from the song, so I listen to it without the MV, the results are the same. I LOVE IT.


I’m not really sure what the image and concept of Destiny is, because it’s not playful and colorful like Man In Love or sexy and dark like Paradise or Before The Dawn. It’s kind of sexy and manly? I’m not really sure, I’m really bad with guessing image and concepts of groups. Anyway, the concept of Destiny (whatever it is) suits the song really well and most importantly I really like it. I might like this concept more than I like BTD, which is really shocking because I’m a huge fan of the dark, sexy image and leather jackets but somehow this concept really grabs me with all the gold accents in the outfits. A lot of dark colors in the outfits, but not too dark; however, I still prefer the concept of Paradise the most. ¬†Everyone looks really good, I didn’t really like Sungyeol in short hair before but this time he’s really rocking that hair.


The MV itself is amazing. ¬†The set is perfect for the feel of the song (obviously, it’s a blockbuster set!) I love the background, with the perfect blue shaded sky. The buildings and the set really sets this MV a part from other KPOP videos, well for obvious reasons, but also the set fits the feel of the song unlike many other KPOP MV’s -cough cough- UKISS -cough- 0330 -cough cough- (I don’t know, I guess it’s just the light-hearted feel of 0330 doesn’t fit with an abandon looking room that’s all. Don’t hate me, I love the song though!) I don’t really get the MV, well it doesn’t really have a plot so I shouldn’t get it, but the part where Sungjong and Sungyeol and standing across from each other looking at each other with sad eyes (well only sungjong but whatever) is kind of weird like what’s the point of that? Nothing is explained in this video, because there is no plot (!!!!!) so really it’s just a thought and you wonder reasons for it. Idk is it just me?


OMG TOO GOOD. I CRY AT HOW AMAZING IT IS. Honestly I have to say, if I had to pick my favorite KPOP group for their choreography INFINITE would win by a long shot (sorry SHINee and B.A.P) B.A.P has some of the best choreography no doubt, especially for ONE SHOT, and SHINee has some really neat and cool dances like LUCIFER (LOVE THAT DANCE) but INFINITE would win for me because of their in-syncness and they can pull off some really tricky and amazing moves flawlessly. Destiny’s choregraphy is definitely hands down amazing, it looks like a really tiring dance and physically stressing (Omg did they have sore backs after a while?) Frankly, although I’m not the biggest fan of Man In Love (in my opinion probably one of their top not so good songs) the dance for it is quite good, better than some kpop groups out there. One of the main reasons I’d watch the performances is because of the dance (and to see L’s face but that is not the main point) they are always in-sync, watching their performances never fails to amaze me. BUT THIS CHOREOGRAPHY IS BEYOND THAT. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I don’t know why but I just love it so much. Maybe it’s the complexity or the really back straining thing, I’m not sure but I’m sure that I can’t get enough of it. SO GOOD.


As I previously mentioned, the song is great. I love it even without the MV, which is amazing btw. The song has a very INFINITE vibe to it. One of the main reasons I wasn’t that into “Man In Love” is because it didn’t song INFINITE enough. It sounded like it’s a song from a different group, just like “Coffee Shop” for B.A.P but that’s a whole different story I’m probably going to talk about later. But Destiny brings back what an INFINITE song sounds like. This song shows me that Infinite is not veering in a different direction, like SHINee, I would not appreciate it if all future Infinite songs sounded like “Man In Love”. So I’m really glad that Destiny turns out to be a very dancey and infinite type song ^^ I can see me listening to this song on loop for while.


I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating for such a long time. There really isn’t any excuses for my lack of posts, I guess it’s just my lack of motivation. Any whooo, if you guys are still interested in what I like or what my current obsessions are you can definitely check out my tumblr, I’ve been posting a lot on my tumblr lately so check it out! musikismyeverything.tumblr.com

I don’t think I’ll be doing any full drama reviews any time soon (unless it’s like really good), but I will be doing mini reviews and more song recommendations. I have a LOT of songs I’ve been in love with in the past couple months. I do have a post I think you guys might like, so keep an eye out for that ūüôā And with dramas, I’ve watched a couple dramas during spring break a couple weeks back that I would like to do mini reviews on and some HK dramas. Honestly there hasn’t been a kdrama that I really been obsessed with or really in love with lately. I feel like kdramas are kind of going downhill along with HK dramas (which has been for a couple years now actually). I might some Twdramas I want to review too, so keep an eye out for that too! Hopefully I will do more updates and posts soon!¬†


Yonghwa is well-known for his genius composition’s skill. Lately, he has offered a song for the first girls group of his agency AOA,Love is Only You. Just before, he did the same for solo singer Juniel.

These are some great songs Yonghwa have composed or for which he participated in lyrics or music.

AOA- Love is Only You (Music and lyrics)

CN BLUE- Just Please (Music and lyrics)

Juniel/ Yonghwa ‚Äď Stupid (composed and produced by him)

CN BLUE- Love Light (Music and Lyrics)

Yonghwa admitted he composed this song thinking of his wife, SeoHyun.

CN BLUE- Imagine (lyrics participation)

CN BLUE- Still in Love (Music and Lyrics)

He composed this song after WGM. Some people like netizen and idols like Super Junior Ryewook think he wrote it thinking of Seohyun.

CN BLUE- Man in front of the Mirror (Lyrics by himself and Music with RYO)

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So I just had the urge to rant. I thought I was over this whole Jonghyun and Taemin “lip-locking” thing but I’m not! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! I was reading the comments on ALLKPOP, and SOOMPI. I AM FURIOUS. There are supports and then there are the…haters. SERIOUSLY? “OMG THAT’S SO DISGUSTING!” “EW.” “YUCK.” “I HATE THEM NOW.” “THEY TOTALLY CROSSED THE LINE, I DON’T LIKE THEM ANYMORE.” “THIS IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL FOR DISGUSTING.” “THIS JUST MAKES THEM LOOK DESPERATE. ” All I have to say to that is…actually I have nothing to say to these people. I don’t want to waste my time, and effort trying to argue with their narrow little minds. But seriously, I just don’t get them. Why are they hating them? Because it “engages” in homosexuality? OK, let’s say it does. SO WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? THE 19th century? For gosh sakes, we’re living in the 21 century. GET OVER IT. Homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t get people that say their “homophobic”. That’s bull. Honestly, I hate people that say their homophobic. Hate is a strong word, so a strong dislike them. I can’t stand narrow minded people, well I don’t mind them unless they go around voicing their “opinion” in other words, voicing their hatred. JUST MOVE ON AND FORGET ABOUT IT. IF YOU HAVE NO GOOD THINGS TO SAY DON’T SAY IT. DIDN’T YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU THAT? I know it’s kinda hypercritical of me to be voicing my hatred towards these people, but I really can’t stand it.

ALSO what really disgusts me about this whole thing is that people that claim they are SHAWOLS/ Fans of SHINee are saying these horrible things. You don’t even qualified to be called a SHAWOL or a FAN. If you can’t accept something this small, then you seriously are not a fan. If you say they are disgusting because of this, you not only offend them but homosexual people out there. Come on, GROW UP. They barely touched lips, they didn’t even “kiss kiss”. STOP MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT. It’s not like they are doing anything illegal or really horrible, for example drugs and violence. NO, they just touched lips. What is the problem with that? BTW fans that leave their fan club because of this better not come back and be all like “OMG I LOVE THEMMM! I’M SUCH A BIG FANNN” No. You’re not. Fans like that are just a little bit better than Saesang Fans. Those are creepy. But fans that hate on a group because of some fan service are just plain cruel and unforgivable. I mean sure you can come to like them again, but you’re just not a true fan. You didn’t support them when everyone was bashing them, not a fan behaviour. It’s scary, how fast so called “fans” can turn on you. And for what reasons.

This post isn’t just about SHINee but any situations like this. I feel a whole better after ranting about this. Even though I’m pretty hypercritical but whatever, it’s not like people really do care about my opinion xP