Drama Recommendations

My Lucky Star
I would give this drama 5 out of 5 stars. Well i’m actually pretty bias about this drama because it was my first tawianese drama, i dont remember if it was my first but it was definitely the most memoriable. This drama i recommended to anyone that loves their dramas to have a lot of romance and comedy, it’s a definite must watch then! This drama made me laugh and cry, it has a lot of emotion to it but first u have to watch a couple episodes to be REALLY into it. The main characters in this drama are Jimmy Lin (<33) and Yoo Ha Na (if u dont know who she is, she is a really pretty korean actress).

City Hunter
is a story of revenge and action. After a group of soldiers go out on a secret mission against North Korea, they are betrayed by the country they risked their lives for. One man, set on revenge, raises a child, Lee Yun-Seong, to use as a tool in his vengeance. Now grown up and living in Seoul, Lee Yun-Seong goes through difficulties with his father, learning the truth about his past, and does the one thing his father warned him never to do- falls in love. I absolutely LOVED this drama! It was the first Asian drama i watched and it was amazing! The characters are extremely well developed, the plot line is twisty and exciting, Lee Min Ho is hot, the loveline adds drama, the actors are incredibly talented, and the music is pretty good too. Did i miss anything? And the fact that it has the amazingly hot (especially in this drama) Lee Min Ho is just the icing on the cake. I give this drama 5 stars out of 5!!

Full House
I seriously love this drama, Its funny and sweet. I rewatch this many many times and i still love it. If ur a fan of Rain(Bi) then u will love this, hes really funny in it and i started to like him from this drama. This drama is about 2 people in a fake marriage and start to grow on each other and start to have feelings for each other, its a cute romantic comedy i definitely recommend. BTW the OST is PRETTY amazing too just saying, I still listen to it and love it ❤ I give this drama 4.5 out of 5 there are definitely parts i skipped but really limited parts.

Playful kiss
People are definitely going to disagree with me. At first i did not like this drama, but after rewatching it i definitely liked it more than the first time. I love the main actors they did a FANTASTIC job especially Jung So Min, her part was the girl that was in love with Kim Hyun Joongs character, she not the smartest girl in the world and i think she really did a good job because her character in Bad Guys and here are totally different and i’ll say she made the part really believeable. Kim Hyun Joong was just looking HOT as ever in this drama i mean of coruse he looked hot in BOF too but i liked his hair color in this more >< I'd give this drama a 3.5 out of 5

Vampire Prosecutor


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