short update :) what ive been watching and what ive finished (small, super short review/thoughts included)

Sorry it’s been a while. So this short update will consist of dramas I’ve recently started watching and dramas I’ve finished. Hopefully I get some type of review up soon.

First we’ll start with dramas I’ve recently started. Should we start with Korean dramas?

Well it’s been a while since I’ve watched three dramas all airing at the same time and day. You could probably already guess, I’m watching “You Who Came From The Stars”, “Pretty Man”, and “Miss Korea”. I’ll add short thoughts so far in on the drama.

  1. “You who came from the stars” is rated highest among all three dramas in terms of ratings. To be honest with you, I don’t see the hype about this drama. If you ask me it’s pretty average and nothing original about the plot. The only thing really impressive about this drama is the casting. The actors are great (damn Kim Soo Hyun, looking mighty fine in a suit and killing me with his effortlessly good looks in casual wear), their acting is fitting and almost flawless. Ive never seen any of Gianna Jun dramas or movies other than “my sassy girl”, but that was way too long ago so I dont remember much of her acting. She’s great so far, very dokogo Jin feel  ^^ overall, so far good, but not amazing.
  2. “Pretty man”, some of you may know I’m not a huge fan of Jang Geun Suk, and for some reason lately I’ve been possess some negative feelings towards iu, although I really like her. Weird. Anyway, after watching this drama so far my negative feels towards IU vanished. Her acting is pretty much flawless, it’s very relatable (oh oh oh, basically me). Jang Geun Souk nothing wrong with him right now. Nothing too special about this drama, plot is interesting, acting is not bad. I dont really see why it has such low ratings. I think it should have at least the same of “Miss Korea”
  3. “Miss Korea”, damn I was so excited for this. I was set to announce this as my favorite pit of all three dramas, but sadly it fails to live to my expectations. Is it bad? No, no it’s not bad. Is ita? Definitely, not. Its pretty average. I adore the cast, you guys may not know but I adore Lee Yoon Hee. The plot sounds interesting, but so far it hasn’t been catching my eye. I have high hopes, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll pick up in later on episodes.

should we move on to HK dramas?

  1. “Coffee Cat Mama” has a decent cast. Interesting? Just scrapping by. I don’t know why I continue with this drama honestly. Maybe because of Bosco? Maybe. Really it’s not a horrible drama; however, it’s more of a drama you watch when you have nothing better to do (me half the day, although I have a ib lab write up to complete, ugh hate school work). The acting in the drama is more than decent, it’s actually really good, maybe another reason I stick with this drama. Hopefully something interesting happens soon.
  2. “return of the sliver tongue” is slowly losing its appeal to me. It use to be pretty humorous, but in recent episode it’s is not as suspenseful nor funny. Its more of rage that’s occurring. I really like the cast, no one I don’t really like so that’s a bonus. In “coffee cat mama” I honestly don’t really like Eliza or Nancy, so its really nice to watch a drama where I don’t possess negative feelings towards a character not based on their character. Most importantly though an interesting plot keeps me, lets see how things turn out.
  3. Lastly I’ve been watching this for a while, that’s because it seems to never end . Gosh how much longer can they drag out “Come Home Love”? Don’t get me wrong, I love this drama. Its my favorite out of the three. Great acting, and much of the episodes are interesting and humorous; however, there are some episodes they really don’t need. I don’t understand why they have it, honestly tie up all the lose ends already how much longer do you need it? Its already past 400 episodes!!!! Although its so long, I really do enjoy the drama.

Lastly what I’ve completed recently. Lets keep this part short. I’ll combine all HK dramas, Jdorama (jdrama) and Kdrama.

  • Bounty Lady (HK). Can I just say that this drama is amazing???? Humorous and tugs on my heartstrings. Everything I want in a drama.
  • The Hippocratic Crush 2 (HK). Ive watched both seasons, and the first is definitely better. That doesn’t mean this is not good though 😉
  • Will Power (HK).
  • Sniper Standoff (HK). Action, crime, romance, and bromance. Everything I love in drama, but does it mean it’s well done?
  • Always and Ever (HK). Legendary pairing. Great acting. Nothing to complain in terms of acting and casting.
  • Awfully lawful (HK). Fun drama, humorous. Aspects I definitely did not like though.
  • A Change Of Heart (HK). Hated the ending.
  • Slow Boat Home (HK). The ending. Damn what just happened? So unfulfilling!
  • Masters sun (Kor.) Favorite Kdrama long with I Hear Your Voice of 2013? I think so.
  • Good Doctor (Kor.) I feel like I talking about this… I love medical drama. Let me tell you, this is a close runner up to masters sun.
  • Mou Ichido kimi ni, propose (Jap.) honestly, I don’t know if I finished the whole thing, imam believe I did though.
  • Taisetsu Na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kurita (jap.) the anger I felt during, cannot be satisfied with the ending only.
  • Tatta Hitosu No Koi (Jap.) who told me this is the most romantic drama ever, and I should definitely finish it????
  • Pride (Jap.) maybe it’s my Canadian side showing, but I definitely  enjoyed this the most out of all the jdrama I mentioned in this post

I would have put down “who are you” (kor.) but I gave up after episode 10 (?). So I didnt exactly complete it, nor am I planning on watching it. Anyways those are the only ones I remember and most recent, within maybe half a year to a year (well ever since my I Hear Your Voice review I believe)? Honestly I don’t remember how many and which jdrama dramas I’ve watched. If I have anything I really want to write about ill definitely make a post on it! Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, see you next time!


Mini Japanese Drama Reviews

If you know me you know I don’t watch many Japanese drama. But lately, during exam week I’ve watched a few Japanese dramas so I’m going to do mini reviews on them.

Rich Man Poor Women:
Rich Man Poor Women image

I’ve actually watched this a while ago, just when it finished airing. This drama wasn’t bad, but memorable enough for me to write a mini review on. I think they did a good job with the cast. All the characters acting is believable, but some of the characters were a little exaggerated but it isn’t a very big problem since it is pretty hilarious. Oguri Shun is a great actor, and Ishihara Satomi is pleasant to look at and is decent in acting. I genuinely enjoyed this drama, but after watching it I didn’t have the urge to watch the special which is not a good sign. I felt that at times the plot dragged on a little, but that can be overlooked because of all the little cute parts in between. OST wise, it’s nothing special but the music really fits the scenes so that’s always a good thing. Conclusively, this drama is like a little treat. I would give it a 7/10. Nothing amazing, but it’s enjoyable.

Switch Girl 1&2:
Switch girl 2

OMG OTP FOREVER! Watched both seasons in two days, one season each day. I think this jdorama has to be my favorite jdorama out of all the jdorama i’ve seen so far (well and also Operation Daisakusen.) It is humorous, but also relatable. I think a lot of girls can relate to Nika, but not many guys can relate to Arata but that’s okay because I’m pretty sure the target audience is girls. I do like both seasons a lot, but maybe the first season a little bit more. The Monkey King in the second season is just down right weird and pretty much useless. I don’t really understand her exists except for the last couple episodes, but she’s really annoying and she creeps me out generally. The Monkey King in the first season is great, she’s relatable and she doesn’t annoy me as much as the Monkey King in the second season. Now about the actual main characters, Nishiuchi Mariya and Kiriyama Renn’s chemistry is great which is a big reason to why this OTP works. They are great together, not only the characters themselves but the actors have chemistry which is a big part of any drama or movie. Nishiuchi Mariya is a Japanese model, not only is she pretty but her acting is actually really good. I hope she acts in more dramas in the future. The kissing scenes *insert whistling* in both seasons are fantastic, you don’t have those really bad kiss scenes where they just smack their lips together for like 3 seconds (I’m pretty sure you all know what I mean.) So I appreciate that the kiss scenes were actually good/decent. Overall I LOVE it, I would definitely recommend it. I would give it a solid 9 out of 10, the only complaint I have is that sometimes it takes things not serious enough when they should have. For example the freezer scene or the rape scene, I thought that they took it way too lightly. It is fun, but I felt like they took the bully too carelessly although it is a very serious problem.

Last Cinderella:
last cinderella

Just finished it last night! ASDFGHJKL; SO HAPPY MY OTP ARE TOGETHER (SPOILER KINDA NOT REALLY.) I enjoyed this drama a lot. Many say that the ending is too rushed, but I love it I didn’t think it is rushed but I could see why some people say that. In the beginning I honestly didn’t enjoy it because of all the messed up things that occur but later it is cute yet sometimes really serious. I honestly did not enjoy Ryoko Shinohara’s look in this at all. I wished they got her a makeover like in Cinderella, but sadly nopeee. Also although Ryoko Shinohara and Haruma Miura are cute in this drama together but I always feel as if Sakura is too awkward around Hiroto like she can’t be herself. But with Rintaro she can be herself and their chemistry is much much stronger. In the end however, Rintaro and Sakura do not look good as a couple, Sakura looked so awkward when Rintaro gave her a hug. But when Hiroto gives Sakura hugs she looks comfortable. Some people are just better off as friends I guess. The OST is definitely sometimes I must talk/type about, it is brilliant. I love that song “Last Love”, it’s great I just wish the song is longer. Oh and the side stories are good, but the one about her friend’s marriage is so bad! *SPOILER* I would totally divorce that man, he willingly cheated! Oh and Chiyoko’s reason for wanting Hiroto to suffer with her is HORRIBLE, LIKE OMG. I want to punch her. It was her that didn’t want to erase the scar so you can’t blame Hiroto! Plus he was just trying to make food for you, because you said you want some! ASDFFGHJKK; AND THE PARENTS ARE EVEN WORST. What type of father are you?! SDFKJSDJFLSJKF I hate him so much. The ending is kind of cute though. Ultimately, I do recommend this. I would give it a 8/10.

Kimi Wa Petto:
Kimi Wa Petto

K. No. I don’t like it. Yeah that’s pretty much it. I don’t like it. The idea is interesting, and a lot of the events that happen in it are interesting and cute. But overall the plot and the storyline just doesn’t capture me. There really isn’t much to say about it. It is a good drama to kill time with but I wouldn’t re-watch it. I wouldn’t recommend it, I give it a 4/10.