Short update and Mini Reviews (You Who Came From The Stars, Pretty Man, Miss Korea, etc.)

HELLLOOOO PEOPLES OF THE INTERNET. I really neglected this blog >< Sorry! I just don’t have much time lately 😦 Any who from my last post (if you still remember) I spoke about the three kdrama’s I’ve been watching “You Who Came From The Stars”, “Pretty Man” and “Miss Korea”. This post is my thoughts/updates and mini reviews on those dramas.

First Off is “Miss Korea”,  I’ve officially dropped it. After about 6 episodes, I just could not continue watching it. I honestly loveeeee the filming, the set is so pretty. The style and makeup are so pretty; however, the plot failed to keep me. However, I do hope one day, I’ll be able to finish this drama. 

Secondly is “Pretty Man”, I loved this drama in the beginning. The plot is cute, and most definitely relatable to all my fangirls out there, am I right or am I right? Sadly, there is a however, however the ending episodes of the drama failed to capture me. It focused on my least favorite aspect of the drama, Dokgo Ma Te’s birth and all that jazz. Some may really like it, but I didn’t really. Putting the plot on the side let’s talk about their style in the drama. SERIOUSLY? Jang Geun Suk’s hair is a BIG no no for me. His various terribly styled hair just no. There are some that are least cringey, but still not perfection nicely styled as I was hoping to see. Many complain about IU’s style in the drama but I do enjoy it. It’s not ugly or horrible to look at, it’s unique in a good way, her hair is cute (I like it short better than long, it makes her cuter in my opinion. Long is pretty and more mature.). Lee Jang Woo’s hair isn’t terrible to look at, but again not my fave, I like it short like in I Do I Do. Overall, there fashion sense is ight, a bit better than the styling in Full House 2 (gosh, that hair *cringes*). Overall, I would say this drama is the drama to go if you like light-hearted, not expecting much dramas. Or just a drama to watch to on rainy days when you’re bored. 6.75/10

LASTLY, but definitely not last is “You Who Came From The Stars”. Dang, all the hype about this drama! I’m pretty sure you have all heard about this drama. It has receive so much love from all around the globe. It’s pretty amazing all the hype about this drama. If you guys remember I didn’t think the drama lives up to all the hype. I’m glad to say my perspective changed, but only a bit. The beginning of this drama is slow, but good, but it’s the middle of the drama that makes you so engaged with it. It seriously got me on the edge of my seat! Sadly, the ending went a little downhill (but not that much). It kinda slowed down, and I skipped a lot of parts in a episode. I think I must have skipped 2 episodes worth of content, nevertheless, the drama is a MUST watch for any kdrama fanatics out there!   The styling and fashion throughout is phenomenal. I want MANY of the outfits featured on the show! The male outfits…damn so hot. Every actor had an unique style, and all were adorable. Everyone looked pretty good throughout the drama. FILMING IS SO PRETTY as well. The stop time parts were filmed brilliantly, it’s so pretttyyyy!!! Overall, I recommend this drama to allllll kdrama fanatics out there especially if you love romance! I give it a solid 9/10. 


I’m on episode 11 of “Emergency Couple”. and I got to say I am really enjoying so far! Hopefully it’ll remain this funny and good till the end! And can I just say how handsome and beautiful Choi Jin Hyuk is in this???

I also do plan on starting “Cunning Single Lady” (my beautiful Myungsoo ❤ and Joo Sang Wook), I also might start Kim Hyung Joong’s newest drama “Inspiring Generation”, but I’m still thinking about it. 

Next post will have my Hong Kong drama reviews 😀 


Mini Japanese Drama Reviews

If you know me you know I don’t watch many Japanese drama. But lately, during exam week I’ve watched a few Japanese dramas so I’m going to do mini reviews on them.

Rich Man Poor Women:
Rich Man Poor Women image

I’ve actually watched this a while ago, just when it finished airing. This drama wasn’t bad, but memorable enough for me to write a mini review on. I think they did a good job with the cast. All the characters acting is believable, but some of the characters were a little exaggerated but it isn’t a very big problem since it is pretty hilarious. Oguri Shun is a great actor, and Ishihara Satomi is pleasant to look at and is decent in acting. I genuinely enjoyed this drama, but after watching it I didn’t have the urge to watch the special which is not a good sign. I felt that at times the plot dragged on a little, but that can be overlooked because of all the little cute parts in between. OST wise, it’s nothing special but the music really fits the scenes so that’s always a good thing. Conclusively, this drama is like a little treat. I would give it a 7/10. Nothing amazing, but it’s enjoyable.

Switch Girl 1&2:
Switch girl 2

OMG OTP FOREVER! Watched both seasons in two days, one season each day. I think this jdorama has to be my favorite jdorama out of all the jdorama i’ve seen so far (well and also Operation Daisakusen.) It is humorous, but also relatable. I think a lot of girls can relate to Nika, but not many guys can relate to Arata but that’s okay because I’m pretty sure the target audience is girls. I do like both seasons a lot, but maybe the first season a little bit more. The Monkey King in the second season is just down right weird and pretty much useless. I don’t really understand her exists except for the last couple episodes, but she’s really annoying and she creeps me out generally. The Monkey King in the first season is great, she’s relatable and she doesn’t annoy me as much as the Monkey King in the second season. Now about the actual main characters, Nishiuchi Mariya and Kiriyama Renn’s chemistry is great which is a big reason to why this OTP works. They are great together, not only the characters themselves but the actors have chemistry which is a big part of any drama or movie. Nishiuchi Mariya is a Japanese model, not only is she pretty but her acting is actually really good. I hope she acts in more dramas in the future. The kissing scenes *insert whistling* in both seasons are fantastic, you don’t have those really bad kiss scenes where they just smack their lips together for like 3 seconds (I’m pretty sure you all know what I mean.) So I appreciate that the kiss scenes were actually good/decent. Overall I LOVE it, I would definitely recommend it. I would give it a solid 9 out of 10, the only complaint I have is that sometimes it takes things not serious enough when they should have. For example the freezer scene or the rape scene, I thought that they took it way too lightly. It is fun, but I felt like they took the bully too carelessly although it is a very serious problem.

Last Cinderella:
last cinderella

Just finished it last night! ASDFGHJKL; SO HAPPY MY OTP ARE TOGETHER (SPOILER KINDA NOT REALLY.) I enjoyed this drama a lot. Many say that the ending is too rushed, but I love it I didn’t think it is rushed but I could see why some people say that. In the beginning I honestly didn’t enjoy it because of all the messed up things that occur but later it is cute yet sometimes really serious. I honestly did not enjoy Ryoko Shinohara’s look in this at all. I wished they got her a makeover like in Cinderella, but sadly nopeee. Also although Ryoko Shinohara and Haruma Miura are cute in this drama together but I always feel as if Sakura is too awkward around Hiroto like she can’t be herself. But with Rintaro she can be herself and their chemistry is much much stronger. In the end however, Rintaro and Sakura do not look good as a couple, Sakura looked so awkward when Rintaro gave her a hug. But when Hiroto gives Sakura hugs she looks comfortable. Some people are just better off as friends I guess. The OST is definitely sometimes I must talk/type about, it is brilliant. I love that song “Last Love”, it’s great I just wish the song is longer. Oh and the side stories are good, but the one about her friend’s marriage is so bad! *SPOILER* I would totally divorce that man, he willingly cheated! Oh and Chiyoko’s reason for wanting Hiroto to suffer with her is HORRIBLE, LIKE OMG. I want to punch her. It was her that didn’t want to erase the scar so you can’t blame Hiroto! Plus he was just trying to make food for you, because you said you want some! ASDFFGHJKK; AND THE PARENTS ARE EVEN WORST. What type of father are you?! SDFKJSDJFLSJKF I hate him so much. The ending is kind of cute though. Ultimately, I do recommend this. I would give it a 8/10.

Kimi Wa Petto:
Kimi Wa Petto

K. No. I don’t like it. Yeah that’s pretty much it. I don’t like it. The idea is interesting, and a lot of the events that happen in it are interesting and cute. But overall the plot and the storyline just doesn’t capture me. There really isn’t much to say about it. It is a good drama to kill time with but I wouldn’t re-watch it. I wouldn’t recommend it, I give it a 4/10.

MINI REVIEWS. Nice Guy, Flower Boy Next Door, Office Girls

Nice Guy:

Oh my gosh. This has to be my favorite pairing in a long time. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won both are one of my favorite actress/actors. Song Joong Ki is honestly an amazing actor he can pull off any image, sexy or cute. I fell in love with Moon Chae Won in “Brilliant Inheritance”, when she played the “evil” stepsister of Han Hyo Joo. Both actors acting is supreme, Park Si Yeon’s acting isn’t all that amazing but it wasn’t horrendous. She plays the villain part really well. If acting is a very major part in your dictionary of what makes a drama really good, I say this wouldn’t be too low on your list of good dramas.
The plot is very refreshing. I don’t believe I have seen a drama with such plot line that even comes close to it. In the beginning I thought this drama was either going to be a disaster or pure genius, honestly I wouldn’t go so far as call it genius, but it definitely surpass disaster. I would say this is one of my favorite 2012 dramas. When I first read the synopsis for “Nice Guy” I was confused, I had no idea how this drama was going to play out or the direction it was going to go; however, watching the actual drama the plot is very clear to an extent. At times I had no idea what was going on or why it was happening, but for most of it the motives and events are clearly explained.
Overall this drama is a definite YES in my dictionary of good dramas. If you’re a fan of romance, WATCH. If you just want some eye candy (Song Joong Ki) WATCHHH. If you’re not a big fan of a lot drama in a drama (confusing….) and you rather watch something light, ummm…this drama might not be such a good choice for you. All in all I liked it, but you might not.

Flower Boy Next Door:

Other than the fact that Yoon Si Yoon is like on the list of my ideal guys, he’s also a terrific actor. Park Shi Hye isn’t bad either. I actually really like Park Shi Hye, although she broke my ShinWoo’s heart, she’s really pretty with or without makeup and her acting is pretty good too. Although Park Shi Hye’s character in this drama does not do her acting skills any justice, if you compare her acting in “Flower Boy Next Door” and “You’re Beautiful” both dramas had me convince the characters she plays are not just written in characters but are actual people. Yoon Si Yoon’s character, Enrique Geum, is a very cute man. Which Yoon Si Yoon played very well. Although I’m not a big fan of the characters in this drama, there isn’t really more sides to them, they’re very plain characters. The acting portion is good, but you can’t really base it on anything because the characters aren’t written very well. Not anything special, but played the way they are written.
The plot is nothing special, but at the same time unique. The storyline is predictable, but something no one really explored too much into. There really isn’t much to say about this drama. It’s a good drama to watch if you’re into light and comedy dramas. While if you’re looking for like full on romance, melodrama this ain’t for you.

Office Girls:

This is one of those dramas where it shouldn’t have been extended, but it was. I have mixed emotions for this drama, one minute I love it the next I can’t stand it. In the beginning it was fun, and light but later it was boring and cute. But the cuteness didn’t outweigh the boringness (oh no it didn’t.) If it ended with the original 20 episodes and not extended I believe it would have been a whole lot better.
The OST wasn’t bad though, especially 微加幸福 by Yisa Yu. It’s a really good song, in my opinion. The plot line was predictable, but it is a lot cuter and funnier than I anticipated which is definitely a great. Roy Qiu is HOT, which is a definite bonus. EYE CANDYYYY~! I think they picked a very suitable actor to play the RICH spoiled brat, Qin Zi Qi. Roy Qiu is very suitable to play these characters because he gives that vibe, but I really want him to be cast in a different role next time. The character is just way too predictable. I wish there was a least a little twist or something to throw me off. Honestly I wouldn’t watch this again, I don’t recommend it if you get bored easily or anyone for that sake. If you love Roy A LOT, you might not find it that bad, cause when it gets boring just stare at his face. He’s good looking, what can I say?