MY BOYS ARE BACKKK!!! ASDFGHJKL; too many feels. SO GOOD. This MV is perfection, the song is perfection, everything is perfection. I haven’t listen to the whole mini album yet, but so far I have really high hopes for the album. Watching the MV distracts you from the song, so I listen to it without the MV, the results are the same. I LOVE IT.


I’m not really sure what the image and concept of Destiny is, because it’s not playful and colorful like Man In Love or sexy and dark like Paradise or Before The Dawn. It’s kind of sexy and manly? I’m not really sure, I’m really bad with guessing image and concepts of groups. Anyway, the concept of Destiny (whatever it is) suits the song really well and most importantly I really like it. I might like this concept more than I like BTD, which is really shocking because I’m a huge fan of the dark, sexy image and leather jackets but somehow this concept really grabs me with all the gold accents in the outfits. A lot of dark colors in the outfits, but not too dark; however, I still prefer the concept of Paradise the most. ¬†Everyone looks really good, I didn’t really like Sungyeol in short hair before but this time he’s really rocking that hair.


The MV itself is amazing. ¬†The set is perfect for the feel of the song (obviously, it’s a blockbuster set!) I love the background, with the perfect blue shaded sky. The buildings and the set really sets this MV a part from other KPOP videos, well for obvious reasons, but also the set fits the feel of the song unlike many other KPOP MV’s -cough cough- UKISS -cough- 0330 -cough cough- (I don’t know, I guess it’s just the light-hearted feel of 0330 doesn’t fit with an abandon looking room that’s all. Don’t hate me, I love the song though!) I don’t really get the MV, well it doesn’t really have a plot so I shouldn’t get it, but the part where Sungjong and Sungyeol and standing across from each other looking at each other with sad eyes (well only sungjong but whatever) is kind of weird like what’s the point of that? Nothing is explained in this video, because there is no plot (!!!!!) so really it’s just a thought and you wonder reasons for it. Idk is it just me?


OMG TOO GOOD. I CRY AT HOW AMAZING IT IS. Honestly I have to say, if I had to pick my favorite KPOP group for their choreography INFINITE would win by a long shot (sorry SHINee and B.A.P) B.A.P has some of the best choreography no doubt, especially for ONE SHOT, and SHINee has some really neat and cool dances like LUCIFER (LOVE THAT DANCE) but INFINITE would win for me because of their in-syncness and they can pull off some really tricky and amazing moves flawlessly. Destiny’s choregraphy is definitely hands down amazing, it looks like a really tiring dance and physically stressing (Omg did they have sore backs after a while?) Frankly, although I’m not the biggest fan of Man In Love (in my opinion probably one of their top not so good songs) the dance for it is quite good, better than some kpop groups out there. One of the main reasons I’d watch the performances is because of the dance (and to see L’s face but that is not the main point) they are always in-sync, watching their performances never fails to amaze me. BUT THIS CHOREOGRAPHY IS BEYOND THAT. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I don’t know why but I just love it so much. Maybe it’s the complexity or the really back straining thing, I’m not sure but I’m sure that I can’t get enough of it. SO GOOD.


As I previously mentioned, the song is great. I love it even without the MV, which is amazing btw. The song has a very INFINITE vibe to it. One of the main reasons I wasn’t that into “Man In Love” is because it didn’t song INFINITE enough. It sounded like it’s a song from a different group, just like “Coffee Shop” for B.A.P but that’s a whole different story I’m probably going to talk about later. But Destiny brings back what an INFINITE song sounds like. This song shows me that Infinite is not veering in a different direction, like SHINee, I would not appreciate it if all future Infinite songs sounded like “Man In Love”. So I’m really glad that Destiny turns out to be a very dancey and infinite type song ^^ I can see me listening to this song on loop for while.