Swipe Tap Love (愛我請留言) Review

This hkdrama is Priscilla’s break through drama for me. I absolutely adore this drama. It’s the perfect mixture of cuteness and seriousness. Although the acting from Priscilla did not completely sell me, especially in the scenes where she is laughing uncontrollably, overall the acting from most of the characters are convincing enough to keep me hooked onto this drama. It’s a refreshing drama. It focuses on the impacts of technology on relationships. Especially with advancing technology, this has been really prominent in our society in the past decade or so. With all the ways to connect with others, it’s easy to forget about the people around us and neglect them. It definitely isn’t perfect and has flaws, but I think this drama does a fantastic job in bringing that issue to light.

You can’t deny the cuteness of this family! You can’t dislike any of the characters, they’re all amazing. Every character has a story. They all have depth and a story behind them. I found myself in love with every character, and each and every one of their stories build on to them as a person and really allowed the viewer to sympathize with them. I really couldn’t hate any of the characters. There wasn’t a clear villain in this story which I really enjoyed. I hate generating hate watching light-hearted shows such as this one. It just does not fit the show. This show is more of a realistic drama, which adds to the fact of a clear cut villain. In reality, it’s hard to define who is a clear-cut villain. Like the drama, everyone has a story and reasons for the way they are. This drama reminded me of this. After watching so many dramas that presents villains in certain lighting, it’s easy to forget that people all have different stories and lead various lives. You’re only part of their story. You’re not their whole world. Other people and their experiences shape and moulded them into who they are.

It may seem like I have nothing but good things to say about this drama. However, a complaint I do have is Raymond and Elaine’s romance dragged on a little too long for my personal preference. I did enjoy them together, their romance is sweet. I do enjoy Priscilla and Raymond together better. It would be nice if their romance had more time to developed. For a light-hearted drama I don’t have too much complaint for it. Every couple are super cute and shippable!

There really isn’t a lot to say about this drama. Only complaint is Pricilla’s acting in some scenes could be more convincing. With that being said, I couldn’t and I don’t want to imagine this series without Priscilla. She’s relatively good to look at, and I would rather watch her as the main lead than many of the new comers. She’s not a terrible actor either. She’s just not as professional as the veteran actors. Raymond is of course amazing as always. He’s an amazing actor, I love many of the series he’s in. All the other characters play their characters convincingly. I quite enjoy the cast! The OST is really good too. I still listen to it now! Jinny Ng is a really good singer if you ask me, her acting is something else to discuss in a later post!

OVERALL: Overall I recommend this! I recommend this series to those that enjoy a light comedy romance. Those that only enjoy action packed dramas such as Tiger Cubs sort of series, this is not that drama for you. I definitely think this is the winner of 2014 HKDRAMA’s though. (If that means anything to you).
I’ve rewatched this drama again when I was bored.
REWATCH VALUE: 3.5/5 (can be boring)


My Queen: Drama Review


Started yesterday, finished today. Sadly, not because it is SUPERRR good but because I skipped 4 episodes and a lot of parts in each episode. I’ve watched this drama before, but never finished. I thought I would re-watch it, because many people like it. So I wanted to give it a second chance. No luck though, I still do not enjoy it as much as I would like. Personally I find the story line developed at a crawling speed. It is really slow, that I had to skip a lot of parts. I had no interest in many episodes, thus I skip them. To me it is almost to a point that the episodes are pointless/unneeded. Also the background music, the same song is overplayed. Even though it’s overplayed it’s a really good song. I really like the OST for this drama, but it isn’t the best. (still in love with “Goodbye My Princess”, “Burn Out” and “I’m Coming To See You”).

Good things about this drama:
This drama is not all bad. It has good points too. Cheryl Yang as Shan Wu Shuang, she is amazing with her crying scenes! But sadly the crying scenes are not as pretty as I Do I Do They had really pretty crying scenes. I’m weird like that XD
This drama is also very cute and lighthearted but at the same times, it can be very serious and heart aching. The best part about this drama is that I love both the lead actors (?) the second lead Wen Sheng Hao as Song Yun Hao and Ethan Ruan as Lucas. I never noticed, but Wen Sheng Hao is not half bad looking, he’s actually pretty good looking for an older guy. I really liked his character in this drama. I love both the guys, which is definitely better than leaning on one side. I really don’t mind if Yun Hao ends up with Wu Shuang. I actually like that, though I don’t mind Lucas and Wu Shuang. I just feel like Yun Hao truly loves Wu Shuang. Lucas may love her, but he’s still young, so he might not know what he really wants and needs. No matter how much he loves her, their dreams and wants are different, which is a big factor in a relationship. Not saying that it won’t work out, just it’s going to be harder for them. I honestly love Ethan’s character. He shows his feelings and does not hide them, which is also a very important factor in a relationship. I’m content with Lucas and Wu Shuang, just cause you can also tell that he loves her and she’s very happy with him.
Another character I love is JJ played by Harry Zhang. He is absolutely my favorite character. He’s so straight forward, and his personality generally is just so amazing. He’s a really good friend. I want a best friend like him. Also I love how he’s always sucking on a lollipop, so adorable!! His acting is also adorable. I just love himmm! 🙂

Overall I would rate it a 2.5/5. Love the characters, but not so much the story line.

Prosecutor Princess: Drama Review PART 2


TOKAY LET’S START! THIS DRAMA IS ADDICTIVE. It’s like a drug! I couldn’t stop after each episode due to mostly the fact that the ending of each episode really got you thinking “What’s going to happen next? I want to know!” which are the best types of endings to each episodes, as long as it’s not the ending of the last episode. Due to these “Cliff hanger” endings, I don’t get much sleep these past couple of days. I couldn’t focus on anything else, which is definitely something I need to do! This drama is a comedy romance drama. It does not lack any of the comedy or romance part. I have to admit, it’s a little disappointing that there are only 2 actual kiss scenes. I know it sounds a little perverted but still! Park Shi Hoo is so damn gorgeous and hot and sexyyyy! Urgh.

Lets talk about the acting and character. This drama is one of the few that portrays each character so well that you can’t hate any of them. You can comprehend their motives and reasons which is often done poorly in a lot of dramas, thus this drama is very well written. A love for their child, Guilt out of a revenge seeking plan, The pain and heartache of falling in love with someone you shouldn’t, The frustration of wanting to give up something you work so hard on because of love and responsibility, The bitterness of being used. Those are all very well portrayed emotions in the drama. I don’t talk about this much, but the chemistry between Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon aren’t as strong compared to many other onscreen couples, but they are definitely there. Especially when they stare that each other. The acting is a 4/5 because it’s not an award winning acting, but they show the emotions they are suppose to. Park Shi Hoo in particular though, he switches from and outgoing, adorable, playful to cold, mysterious, evil, and an almost scary guy. He’s also very sexy, gorgeous, HOT and smartttt! LOL sorry I had to say that >< He acts his character exceptionally well. HE NEED MORE DRAMAS! I love The Princess’s Man and this drama a lot. When I’m A Killer comes out I definitely want to see how he pulls off the killer’s personality. I’m very excited to see what his next project is. Hopefully it will be soon and that he will be the lead again, cuz I don’t want him to not get the girl. PLUS I REALLY WANT MORE SCREENING TIME FOR HIM COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE xP

Overall I rate it a 9.5/10! VERY GOOD DRAMA!!!

Prosecutor Princess: Drama Review PART 1

I literally finished this drama 2 minutes ago. I couldn’t wait to do a drama review on it, so here I am! I want to ask one thing, WHY HAVEN’T I WATCHED THIS DRAMA EARLIER?! Park Shi Hoo is so gorgeousss! Ahhhh!! *insert mini fangirling* OH and this review will probably be every where (no structure at all, one minute it’ll be about acting then to their clothes then back to acting or something like that), cuz I’m going through a wave of different emotions right now and I just want to get all my ideas down. I’m also too lazy and tired to edit this post because it’s 1:20am right now and I had a long dayyy today, so that’s also why this post will be such a mess.)


PLEASE! STOP HAVING GOOD OSTs! I’m so in love with “Goodbye My Princess” by Monday Kiz. I haven’t even had time to get over “I’m Coming To See You” YET! NOT FAIR! I’m so hooked on “Goodbye My Princess”, “I’m Coming To See You” and “Burn Out”(GHOST OST, by Block B). Anywaysssss other than the OST, let’s talk about their clothes (I’m starting off with less important aspects, which is kinda weird but that’s what is going through my mind right now. If you were wondering why.). I personally ADORE their stylist. Mostly Park Shi Hoo’s though. I think it doesn’t only fit his character Seo In Woo’s but his as well. He said in an interview before that he loves wearing scarfs. In plenty of episodes, you can see him wearing various scarfs. In no episodes was there the thought that he looked bad, well there was one. But they quickly made it work by adding an outer layer on top. He look so good, in EVERY and I mean EVERY episode. If I was a guy, I would want his closet. Actually screw that, I WANT HIS CLOSET. Screw being a guy, I’m a female and I WANT HIS CLOSET. I’ll find a way to make it work. Plus even if I don’t find a way to strut my stuff with his clothes, at least I have his clothes. It doesn’t even matter if I can wear it or not. As long as I have his clothes that he wore in the drama, I’ll be content. It may sound stalkerish, and a tad obsessive. But this drama has a lot of that. The stalkerish part. It’s like STALKER 101. It’s not even funny, how much stalking is going on in this drama. Especially with Seo In Woo, It’s creepy at times. Real creepy. Ok, so off topic. I also really like Ma Hye Ri (played by Kim So Yeon)’s closet. Even though in the beginning her style is CRA CRA, her style gradually calms down in the middle and ending. Towards the end, I LOVE HER CLOSET. I LOVE HER SHOE COLLECTION. I want EVERY SINGLE pair! I think I talked too much on just pointless stuff >< Let's actually get to the good stuff.

This drama is very well thought out. From the very beginning to the end, everything connects with each other. It all makes sense, later in the drama. Even though it's very well thought out, I am a little confused that Ma Hye Ri, is said to have a IQ of 168 but her intelligence definitely does not seem like it. A lot of the important matters that she finds out, Seo In Woo helps her to discovery it. She's also very slow at a lot of matters. It's not a big deal, but her intelligence could have been reflected more if In Woo didn't do most of the “work”. Also the development from being a “Princess” to a “Prosecutor” all happened a little quick. Like all of a sudden she becomes a better prosecutor. I mean, I do see the events that lead up to the turning point of the main actress but I wish they spent a little more time on it. I found myself skipping a lot of parts that didn’t contain In Woo and Hye Ri but it doesn’t mean those parts weren’t entertaining or interesting, it’s just I found more pleasure watching Hye Ri and In Woo. They are such a good couplee ❤ It may sound like I'm complaining a lot but that's not the case at all. I wanted to reveal all the not as good aspects of it before I actually rant about how good this drama really is.

I Do I Do: Drama Review

It’s been a whileee since I last posted a drama review. You know what else has been a while? Watching a romantic comedy drama like this. Honestly, I haven’t been liking much of the dramas that has been airing. I’m currently watching Big and Ghost, but I find Big kinda dragging a little bit. So I haven’t been catching up on the recent episodes, but once I’m done with the series I will most likely be doing a review on it. Not sure if I’m going to be going mini review on both Ghost and Big or a full review on both of them yet, but their will be a review on it hopefully. So keep an eye for that.

K, so back to the drama review for I Do I Do! I Do I Do stars Kim Sun-Ah as the lead actress and Lee Jang Woo as the lead actor. I never been a big fan of Lee Jang Woo, even when I watch WGM with him and Eunjung, from T-ara. But after watch this drama, I am BLOWN away! I never knew he could act that well, I remember this one scene where he listened the baby’s heart beat for the first time and got really emotional and started crying. I could really feel his happiness, and him crying during that scene is surprisingly….pretty. I’m not really sure how to describe it but it is definitely unforgettable. Lee Jang Woo is definitely not the only one that can act. I have been a fan of Kim Sun-Ah since My Lovely Sam Soon! She is definitely an amazing actor and gorgeous. I love the outfits in this drama, one of the BEST drama wardrobe. I couldn’t complain at all, unlike City Hunter. SERIOUSLY WHAT’S WITH THE PANTS?! IT’S LIKE THEY CAN’T FIND LONG ENOUGH PANTS FOR HIM!!! Let’s get back to the reviewww! Character wise, I love them. Each character is very likeable. Even the antagonist is very pleasant to watch. Honestly I think I love her and Lee Jang Woo’s wardrobe THE BEST out of the whole cast. I liked Kim Sun-Ah’s too but, Lim Soo-Hyang’s wardrobe is my favorite out of the whole female cast’s probably because it fits my personality and my sense of style better than Kim Sun-Ah. Back to character, Lim Soo-Hyang plays the antagonist of this series. But she is not unlikeable, you can definitely see her reasons and understand them. She also admits her “weak” points, which I find very admirable. The only disappointment is the ending. I enjoyed it, but I wanted a whole lot more. It is slower than the other episodes and definitely not as enjoyable as past episodes, but still fulfilling enough for me. I can definitely see a possible way they can expand the storyline into another season, not sure if they will though. I am happy with just one season, cause the ending does tie up most undone knots except for one that is pretty big. I don’t want to spoil it so watch it!

It’s definitely a really well written storyline. It’s hilarious, even from the first episode which most of the times first episodes are pretty boring. This drama is funny right off the bat! Which I really like. Other than the ending, and the fact that it drags a little about the fact that Lee Jang Woo doesn’t find out that he’s the father of the child until pretty late, It’s a really hilarious and well written story. I recommend people that love romantic and comedy dramas to watch it and if you’re a supporter of either/both Kim Sun-Ah and Lee Jang Woo ^^ ENJOY!

Short Drama Reviews: RING RING BELL/真心請按兩次鈴, FLOWER BOY RAMEN SHOP/ 꽃미남 라면가게

So these past couples of weeks, i’ve watched a couple dramas and I didn’t feel like doing a full review on them so these are just short reviews all jumbled together in one post.

Ring Ring Bell/真心請按兩次鈴: I finished watch Ring Ring Bell in just 2 days! I felt that it is a good drama, and that you should try it. It gets a little boring in parts, but worth watching. I felt that it had similarities of Autumn Concerto and My Lucky Star. Which if you guys didn’t already know, that I’m a big fans of. The characters are good, and have very good chemistry.

The plot line is very basic. Girl meets boy, have a spark between them but then misunderstanding (gosh, why are there always misunderstandings in dramas???) and separate. Years later, meet again and feels something between them but don’t admit it and then yeah-di yeah yeah you know what happens. Really, it’s nothing special but it’s a cute drama. I like the pace the story progresses, it goes in a pace that’s desirable. Not too fast but not dragging on and on about it. I was pretty surprise how fast they came to admitting their feelings. I thought it was going to drag till pretty much the end of the drama but surprisingly it came faster than I expected, which I enjoyed. I give the drama overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Flower Boy Ramen Shop/꽃미남 라면가게: I actually finished this today. I felt this is a really cute drama. It has THE cutest characters. This drama you are either one the cavier team or the onion team; you might think you’re in the middle but believe me, it’s either you want her with the husband or you want her to be with Cha Chi Soo. I am definitely on the Cha Chi Soo team. Jung Il Woo is definitely HOT, and talented. I love the song he sang for the soundtrack “Someone Like You” WOW am I swept off my feet. He can sing?? Yes, apparently quite well too.

I fell in love with him in 49 days where he plays the scheduler, and boy did he did a good job. SO HOT. *Drools* I thought he acted very well, it was very believable. Most of the time I forget that there is a 3 year age difference between him and Lee Chung Ah because they are so comfortable with each other on the screen. At first when I was deciding if I should watch it or not I was very worried about the age different between the characters, there is a 6 years age difference and I really don’t like watching these types of dramas but watching this one I totally forgot about the age difference.

The husband (Played by Lee Ki Woo) is very cute. His personality is more likeable than Cha Chi Soo’s but still his character didn’t pull me to him. Even though Kang Hyuk is definitely adorable and likeable, you can’t not feel for Cha Chi Soo too. Although Cha Chi Soo is self-centred and definitely not the nicest person; but think about it. He grew up calling his father President Cha, unlike most kids he didn’t have time to play and fool around he learnt about management. He grew up without a mom, he grew up without much love. He doesn’t know what to do with his feelings towards Eun Bi. I knew I wanted them to end up together from the beginning, my heart didn’t sway towards Kang Hyuk throughout this drama, I felt bad but not in that way. I was very happy about the ending, really cute. OKAY, so overall I would give it a 4 out of 5.

This is pretty much all, I think I’m going to be doing a lot more of this. I hope you give these a try 🙂

My Obsession <3

Im going to openly admit i have a problem. I have an obsession with….dramas. Yes dramas, last night i knew i had a problem when i couldnt sleep till i read the newest recap of City Hunter and HeartStrings. To be clear, im not korean so i depend on the recaps, even thou i love korean dramas a lot i dont understand it 😦

You might wonder then why are u starting this blog? Well this blog is just reviews on dramas like if u dont know if u want to watch this drama ill just give u brief details on it not spoiling too much of it but enuff to make u want to or not watch it, or if u watch the first episode of a drama and you dont know if u want to watch it anymore u can read on this blog if it gets better or not. Idk about u but i find these really helpful because reading recaps of an episode to see if u want to watch it or not can be very boring and unentertaining but also at the same time these can be very unhelpful bc different people have different tastes but hopefully this will help.