Top Groups/Singers

*Not in order of favorite

~CN Blue (All their members have talents! Yong Hwa has vocals, love his voice and the way he raps. Just cant get enough of it! Min Hyuk, mad drumming skills! Jong Hyun, song writing skills and AMAZING guitar skills. Last but not least Jung Shin has really good bass skills! Just loveee them!)

~B2ST/BEAST (Yosoebbbb~ <3)

~2PM (A beast like Taecyeon and a handsome prince like Nichkhun. How could you not like them?)

~SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong ❤ Park Jung Min <3)

~2NE1 (I love their songs. Park Bom has amazing vocals and CL's rapping is really good)

~Aaron Yan (Fahrenheit) (Really? Do I need to explain?)

~MYNAME (Already on my list even if they only have one single xD)

~B1A4 (I pretty much love all of their songs)

~JYJ (Get out, love that song a lot)

~Miss A (Suzyyyyyyyyy! All their hit songs are so catchy! I also really love "Love Alone")

~SHINEE (My Jonghyunnnn <3)

~2AM (King of ballad songs <3)

~BIG BANG (They are really good! Especially Live!!)

~Se7en (love how he doesn't make a comeback every year or every second year, it makes his music and comebacks worth waiting for because you will fall in love once you hear it.)

~Ailee (amazing vocals! How can you hate on her?)

~Dalmatian (They are so adorableee!! So cuteeee! Love Daniel <3)

~After School (UEE!!!)

~FT Island (HONGKI! Why is he so good looking?? He's also so talented!)

~MBLAQ (A+ FOREVERRR!!! At first I hated them, but actually they can sing pretty well. My biases are Joonie, Thunder and G.O <3)

~Park Jung Min (After going solo, I finally hear how good he actually is! Love ALL his songs so far, even the Japanese ones. I can't believe he kissed her in "Love Song in August" I was like "No I'm not jealous. I refuse to be jelly! NO I'm NOT. Okay, fine I am. WHYYYY?!?!? WHY HERRR!! PARK JUNG MIN!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEE?!?! WHY ARE YOU SO HOT?!?!? SCREW MY LIFEEEEEE.” See what he does to me?)

~SM. The Ballad (They are so talented~! They are made up of the talented people with amazing vocals! ESPECAILLY my Jonghyun <3)

~INFINITE (MYUNGSOO ❤ Everything about them is perfection.)

~B.A.P (Great dances and catchy song, also they don't sing love songs all the time so that's refreshing.)

~Teen Top (Great song and dances. They are also so funny, especially on Weekly Idol when they beat each other when they mess up)


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